'Easter of the Dead' in Tylissos

Published in "Cretan Tales"
An ancient custom, found in numerous cultures and religions throughout the world and history, revives in the village of Tylissos in its Cretan edition. Those…
The bench of the cooperative 'Apo Koinou'|So many carob products!|Alternative musical instruments by Sifis|Sifis posing with his creations

A feast of the commons in Heraklion!

Published in "Inside the Walls"
Benches and tents lie on the ground dismantled and Georgiadis park gradually returns to its regular state. We can’t say the same for us though!…
After sunrise, on the rocky trail of Psiloritis||||||

A photographic journey to the summit of Psiloritis

Published in "Cretan Tales"
Every summer a few brave people wake up before sunrise to participate in the walk to Psiloritis. They climb up the stone made trail when…
The open horizon of the village of Agios Thomas|Kavalaris overlooks the village|The carved tombs in 'Gria Mantra'|The inscription on the sanctuary of chthonic deities|St. Joasaph, the strangest temple we've seen!|One of the 15 churches of the settlement|Carved chambers used for religious ceremonies|||Agios Thomas in all its majesty!

Agios Thomas and the City of Stone

Published in "Villages"
There is a village, just half an hour away from the city of Heraklion, that hides a hole that leads to Hades, a sanctuary of…
After the abduction, the party starts!

Bride kidnapping in Melidoni

Published in "Snapshot"
Cretan music at the trail of...the goat!

Cretan music reviews vol.1

Published in "Presentations"
Four +1 new releases from the Cretan discography that deserve a place in your collection.
Psarogiorgis in Catalan tv|Teaching cretan music at a local conservatory||

Cretan music travels to Catalonia

Published in "Cretan Tales"
A group of Catalans struggling to tame classic Cretan melodies with their vocal chords, testing the ‘five steps’ of pentozalis at the same time. Mission…
The rugs of Aretousa (Archanes)|Aretousa weavers (Archanes)|Some of Aretousa's creations (Archanes)|The creations of Eleni Kouides (Argyroupoli)|The creations of Eleni Kouides (Argyroupoli)|The impressive workshop of Eleni Kouides (Argyroupoli)|The colorful yarns of kurelu (Pyrgos)!|The modern bags of Angeliki (Kurelu creations, Pyrgos)||Mitos weaving (Houdetsi)|Proud weaver next to her creations (Pyrgou Weaving Center)|Cretaions of the Pyrgou Weaving Center|Pyrgou Weaving Center|Houdetsi Weaving Center|Houdetsi Weaving Center|Houdetsi Weaving Center|Into the threads!|Houdetsi Weaving Center||

Cretazine presents: The revolution of the loom!

Published in "Cretan Tales"
From the time when Penelope longed for the return of Ulysses, furiously embroidering in her sewing room, to the times when our witty grandmothers made…
Yakinthia, concert outside the chapel|Casa dei Meizzo Festival, in a wonderful setting|Classical music and cicadas|In 'En Oiko' you will find all kinds of natural products|Some of the things you can find in 'En Oiko'||Georgiadis Park becomes a vibrant festival venue|Free wine and let the party begin!|You can fill your own bottle in Dafnes...as many times as you want!|There is no Yakinthia without Psarantonis|A new festival is born!

Crete of Festivals: Summer 2013

Published in "Crete 360°"
Every year the cultural map of Crete dramatically changes, a sign that the island is inhabited by many creative people. New and old events appear…
Houdetsi Festival, perhaps the best festival of Crete

Crete of Festivals: Summer 2014

Published in "Crete 360°"
Every year the cultural map of Crete dramatically changes, a sign that the island is inhabited by many creative people. New and old events appear…
DAULUTE: Yiannis Papatzanis, Yiorgos Zacharioudakis and Dimitris Sideris|||||

Daulute: as tabor, flute and lute

Published in "Cretan Tales"
Ancient instruments for primordial music, reinvented through endless experimentations and improvisations for the modern world. ‘Daulute’ is a music group that ‘refreshes’ the Cretan music…
DIY soap, the Cretan way!|You'll need olive oil of good quality

DIY Cretan soap

Published in "Cretan Tales"
We don’t want to sound like the Portokalos father in ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’, but did you know that soap also probably came from…
Images of past times in the narrow lanes of the village||||

Ethia... the village where time stopped

Published in "Villages"
The steep cliffs of Asterousia mountains do not only end up to some of the most spectacular Cretan coasts but also ‘hide’ many scenic villages.…
The Plateau of Nida, a mystical landscape|Local livestock will keep you company all along the route|The Venetian creamery is hidden behind these trees|Yes, it is possible to ski!|The snowy summits of Psiloritis on the background||This mitato is situated within the archaeological site of Zominthos||A typical mitato...|In the horizon you can see the village of Anogia|A characteristic landscape of Psiloritis|Another mitato on the way to Nida

From Anogia to the Plateau of Nida, the den of Zeus

Published in "Island Routes"
A winter excursion in ancient landscapes, imbued with legends, history and ... snow
We met Mr Siganos at his taverna in Lassithi Plateau

Haridimos Siganos (Lassithi Plateau)

Published in "Humans of Crete"
Clouds traveling over the plateau of Omalos|||Kato Simi, set on a green valley|The temple of Agios Georgios in Ano Simi|Mrs. Vassiliki at the coffee shop 'Karavos'  told us many stories...|The temple of Panagia Galaktoktismeni & Nistikoktismeni||The mystical landscape of Omalos|On the way to the plateau, through the pine tree forest

Kato Simi - Omalos Viannou

Published in "Island Routes"
Discover one of the most beautiful mountainous landscape of Crete, perhaps the most important pine tree forest of the island and a village full of…
Carobs, carob flour and carob bread!||||||

Make your own bread with carob flour

Published in "Cretan Tales"
The editors of Cretazine raised their sleeves, kneaded and baked their own carob bread. Be like the editors of Cretazine.
Nikos, working at "Tabakaria", Chania

Nikos (Tabakaria, Chania)

Published in "Humans of Crete"
Because summer loves action!|A trip to Lefka Ori by Petassos travel|Revealing the secrets of cretan gastronomy|Sailing the cretan sea on a budget!|Cycling at the southern mountain range of Europe!|Looking for "fairies" at Selakano forest|Meet locals, learn about the cretan culture!|Asterousia mountains, a wild scenery for cycling|Where wild cretan nature meets history!|Cretan flavors and colors by Cretan Paths

No more boring holidays!

Published in "Crete 360°"
This summer in Crete will be different: four alternative tourism companies take care of everything and you only need to enjoy!

The Carnival of Heraklion: a retro flashback sprinkled with confetti & nostalgia

Published in "Unknown City"
From the Venetian orange battles to the egg fights of 1924, and from the first carnivals at the end of the Ottoman rule to the…
The 'Little Cafe' in Kallikratis welcomes you!|The herbal goodies of 'Little Cafe'|A herbal sanctuary in the middle of nowhere|The Cretan Far West welcomes you|Cretan mountain tea (aka malotira) in Kallikratis|Mr. Yiannis in action!|Red hot chilli peppers anyone?|Passing the knowledge to the new generation|A few of the things you will find in Kouses|Cretan cuisine & Cretan herbs in Tsakalakis' cafe|Welcome to Nivritos|For the cold winter days & nights...|Yes, you may also order a coffee (Nivritos)

The herbal ‘sanctuaries’ of Crete

Published in "Crete 360°"
In Crete you can easily find tasty food, great wine and good company. Finding good herbs to drink as an infusion or buy, however, can…
Verbascum Creticum or "Papari tou Tragou"

The Natural Pharmacy of Crete

Published in "Crete 360°"
You walk in the mountains of Crete and you think the place is full of dry bushes of no interest whatsoever. Think again....almost everything that…
A short documentary about George, a shepherd on Asterousia Mountains

The Shepherd of Asterousia

Published in "Cretan Tales"
Time travels: Crete in 1935, "without gods"

Time travels: Crete in 1935, "without gods"

Published in "Cretan Tales"