The neoclassic building of Ploumi!|With good company work gets done...|Christina came to stay...||Kallia is a musician and Christoforos a computer engineer. Together they work miracles!|Giorgos from Archanes project and young Konstantina|One thing is for sure, this shop will never run our of music!|What's on the menu today?|How can we do an interview without food?

Ploumi: a cooperative cafe & grocery store ‘blooms’ in Archanes

Published in "Cretan Tales"
In spring flowers bloom and with them blooms love, dreams and ideas. "Ploumi" blooms, the bushy endemic plant of Crete that our grandmothers and grandfathers…
Beyiri is situated on the pedestrian street under Fortezza fortress

"Beyiri", a cooperative grocery store in Rethymno

Published in "Cretan Tales"
‘Self-organization’, ‘autonomy’, ‘horizontal structure’...these terms we hear more and more often in Greece inspired a group of young people in Rethymno to create ‘Beyiri’, a…
Psarogiorgis in Catalan tv|Teaching cretan music at a local conservatory||

Cretan music travels to Catalonia

Published in "Cretan Tales"
A group of Catalans struggling to tame classic Cretan melodies with their vocal chords, testing the ‘five steps’ of pentozalis at the same time. Mission…

'Easter of the Dead' in Tylissos

Published in "Cretan Tales"
An ancient custom, found in numerous cultures and religions throughout the world and history, revives in the village of Tylissos in its Cretan edition. Those…