DIY soap, the Cretan way!|You'll need olive oil of good quality

DIY Cretan soap

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We don’t want to sound like the Portokalos father in ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’, but did you know that soap also probably came from…
Counting the alcohol proof of the 'water that burns'||||||||

Raki Party

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November in Crete means rainy evenings accompanied by distilled grape juice, grilled meat, roasted potatoes and good friends gathering together to perform the ritual of …
Building your own house: priceless!||

The Archanes Project: Houses made from straw balls and clay

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Natural building was once the only way to construct a house in Crete. Then, modernization came together with cement, which became the ‘queen’ of building…
Little villagers in action!

The kids of Zoniana dance 'a capella'

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A cute, surrealistic dance...the things you may see at a 'Shepherd and Cheese Festival'!
H Casa dei Mezzo φωτισμένη για το βραδινό κονσέρτο

Festivals in Crete: Casa dei Mezzo

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We went, we saw, we heard, we were "bewitched" and we transfer our experience to you.