The Roman decapitated statue!

Bembo Fountain & The Turkish Sebil

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Colorful interiors||||

Chronaki House: A noble house without nobles

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Lost in oblivion, the magnificent Chronaki House begs for your attention! 
Morosini fountain after the Turkish 'intervention'

Morosini Fountain behind bars

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Photo by Gerola (1900-1905)

The lost temple of the Conqueror

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The medieval village of Voila flourished during the15th-19th century|||The Ottoman Gate of the tower|Almost intact, the interior of the house|And in the horizon, wind generators...|The chapel of Agios Georgios|The fresco over the tomb|

Voila, the Medieval habitat of Cretan lords

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When you cross the rural settlements of otherworldly Ziros Plateau, it is hard to imagine that once upon a time here lived Venetian lords and…
Into the time machine!

Ziros Plateau - Into the time machine

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Lassithi is one of the less travelled and yet most beautiful regions of Crete (perhaps exactly because it is less travelled!) and the Plateau of…