Houdetsi Festival, perhaps the best festival of Crete

Crete of Festivals: Summer 2014

Published in "Crete 360°"
Every year the cultural map of Crete dramatically changes, a sign that the island is inhabited by many creative people. New and old events appear…
Live perfomances by local bands in 'Palio Lido'|Lyra and violin, side by side!|||"The kangoors" a popular local band||Neske from Amsterdam playing the violin!|

From the coast of Asterousia to the center of Heraklion: An ode to Cretan summer magic

Published in "Cretan Tales"
Who said multiculturalism and variety is a ‘privilege’ of large urban centers? The whole island Crete in the summer becomes the ultimate culture hub for…

The Carnival of Heraklion: a retro flashback sprinkled with confetti & nostalgia

Published in "Unknown City"
From the Venetian orange battles to the egg fights of 1924, and from the first carnivals at the end of the Ottoman rule to the…