DIY soap, the Cretan way!|You'll need olive oil of good quality

DIY Cretan soap

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We don’t want to sound like the Portokalos father in ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’, but did you know that soap also probably came from…
Afentis Christos temple and below the colorful mosaics of Crete||

The ascent to Mount Yuchtas

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Sometimes you don’t need to go very far to find wild Cretan nature. The anthropomorphic mountain of Yuchtas is just a few kilometers away from…
The 'Little Cafe' in Kallikratis welcomes you!|The herbal goodies of 'Little Cafe'|A herbal sanctuary in the middle of nowhere|The Cretan Far West welcomes you|Cretan mountain tea (aka malotira) in Kallikratis|Mr. Yiannis in action!|Red hot chilli peppers anyone?|Passing the knowledge to the new generation|A few of the things you will find in Kouses|Cretan cuisine & Cretan herbs in Tsakalakis' cafe|Welcome to Nivritos|For the cold winter days & nights...|Yes, you may also order a coffee (Nivritos)

The herbal ‘sanctuaries’ of Crete

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In Crete you can easily find tasty food, great wine and good company. Finding good herbs to drink as an infusion or buy, however, can…
Verbascum Creticum or "Papari tou Tragou"

The Natural Pharmacy of Crete

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You walk in the mountains of Crete and you think the place is full of dry bushes of no interest whatsoever. Think again....almost everything that…