Saint Goat!||

Agiofaraggo: The gorge of the saints!

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Crete has many gorges –more than 250 as a matter of fact. Some of these are very hard to access, some are too dry and…
As you walk downhill to the beach, the view is magical|||The chapel of Agios Nikitas, hidden in the cave for centuries||

Agios Nikitas

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At the summit of Kofinas, like little gods

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Hike up the holy summit of Asterousia Mountains and bow before the majesty of the Libyan Sea
Beautful architecture, beautiful nature...||||||||

Crete or Tuscany?

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Discover Agios Fanourios – and Tuscanian landscapes - in Kitharida
One of the most beautiful coastal routes|||||||||||||||

Elafonisi – Kedrodasos (E4 trail)

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Crossing the European E4 trail may seem an extreme task, doable only by hardcore trekkers. However, the route we propose here from Elafonisi to Kedrodasos…
The fortress-like Monastery of Chrissoskalitissa|The forests of Chania...|Topolia gorge from above|House in the upper village of Topolia|Chestnuts anybody?|Welcome to the Wisdom of God!|The impressive interior of the cave|Somewhere inside this crack, lies hidden the icon of Wisdom of God|The imposing plane tree of Vlatos|Natural art on the plane tree of Vlatos|On the way to Milia Mountain Retreat|The houses of Milia, almost embedded into the natural environment|View of Milia from a mountain trail|The paved streets of Milia village|Mountain views as you enjoy a meal in Milia restaraunt|The abandonned park of peace, taken over by wild nature|The entrance to the Monastery of Chrissoskalitissa|View to the sea from the Monastery of Chrissoskalitissa|You have just arrived in the small paradise of Aspri Limni||||

From the Chestnut to the Date Trees of Chania (Milia – Chrissoskalitissa)

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We often brag about Crete as the island that has it all (ok, almost!) and we found the perfect route to prove this. Follow us…
The route towards the Monastery of Koudoumas

Kapetaniana - Ai Giannis

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Ascetic landscapes, naked mountains, hiking trails, ancient customs, hidden gulfs...the mountain chain of Asterousia and its wild beauty is not for every taste. It requires…
The colors of Eastern Crete|||Flowers everywhere!|The strange rocks of the gorge are captivating!|Aspros Potamos|The village of Pefki 'hanging' from the cliffs!|Makrigialos from above|The colorful marina of makrigialos

Makrigialos - Pefki - Kapsa Monastery

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Eastern Crete has a different color, scent and light, even different people. Sometimes it feels as if you are in another island. At this corner…
History, religion, nature||

Melidoni cave – Arkadi – Patsiano Gorge

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The mainland of Rethymno prefecture hides many secrets waiting to be revealed. Before you rush to its southern coast with the beautiful beaches, consider visiting…
Because summer loves action!|A trip to Lefka Ori by Petassos travel|Revealing the secrets of cretan gastronomy|Sailing the cretan sea on a budget!|Cycling at the southern mountain range of Europe!|Looking for "fairies" at Selakano forest|Meet locals, learn about the cretan culture!|Asterousia mountains, a wild scenery for cycling|Where wild cretan nature meets history!|Cretan flavors and colors by Cretan Paths

No more boring holidays!

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This summer in Crete will be different: four alternative tourism companies take care of everything and you only need to enjoy!
Light and perspective games in the olive press  of the Monastery|Preserved stone made pavements in the village||The church of Karydi Monastery||The beautiful narrow lanes of Vamos|Old ruins  at the 13th century temple of Theotokos|12 arches and the sky as a ceiling|The olive press of the Karydi Monastery

Vamos: history, nobility, hospitality

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The tourist industry in Crete has a dark history, as it is often responsible for the destructive 'modernization' of many traditional villages. Vamos, however, is…