The neoclassical building of the Historical Museum of Crete

Historical Museum of Crete

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An exemplary modern museum||

Nikos Kazantzakis Museum

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One of the few literature museums in the country is exclusively dedicated to the life and work of great Cretan writer Nikos Kazantzakis. Situated in…
Agia Ekaterini as a modern museum|||||||||

Agia Ekaterini Museum (St. Catherine)

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Crete, a Continent in an Island

Crete, a Continent in an Island

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A new book by the Natural History Museum of Crete, concentrates centuries of geological upheaval and all the wealth of the island's natural environment
The sleepless guard of Heraklion|||The wooden ramp ensures wheelchair access to the monument|The canons of La Therese|||The view through the Gate of the Galleys|

Koules: renovated and open again!

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The industrial building of the Natural History Museum of Crete

Natural History Museum of Crete

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"Rodon Amaranton" (18th Century) and Kapralos' Pieta|Tsarouchis' “The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian”|The self-lit icons seem to float in a fully black background

Six centuries of religious art, plus half a century of Modern Greek art at the Historical Museum of Crete

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We were lucky enough to enjoy a private tour at the two new exhibitions of the Historical Museum of Crete -before the official opening on…
Haunted ruins hidden under a curtain of ivies||||||||

Springtime at the gorge of the mills

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Or, how to discover a small paradise, hidden just a few kilometers outside the town of Rethymnon
The famous Minoan "Bees"||||Η Θεά με τα Φίδια|Ο μικρός κήπος του μουσείου, μια δροσερή γωνιά για να χαλαρώσετε||Η αίθουσα με τα γλυπτά|Ο Δίσκος της Φαιστού σε χωριστή προθήκη|H... κούνια της Θεάς!||Υψηλή μουσειακή αισθητική στις νέες αίθουσες

The *NEW* Archaeological Museum of Heraklion

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One of the most important museums of Greece, if not Europe, and one of the first in number of visitors in the country, remained partly…
The exhibition of the Art Gallery of Viannos|||Painting by Konstantinos Perakis

The Art Gallery of Viannos: A modern Gallery in the most unexpected place

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Sometimes the vision of one man alone is all it takes for realizing ‘utopias’...and that’s exactly how the Gallery of Viannos came to be.