Yakinthia, concert outside the chapel|Casa dei Meizzo Festival, in a wonderful setting|Classical music and cicadas|In 'En Oiko' you will find all kinds of natural products|Some of the things you can find in 'En Oiko'||Georgiadis Park becomes a vibrant festival venue|Free wine and let the party begin!|You can fill your own bottle in Dafnes...as many times as you want!|There is no Yakinthia without Psarantonis|A new festival is born!

Crete of Festivals: Summer 2013

Published in "Crete 360°"
Every year the cultural map of Crete dramatically changes, a sign that the island is inhabited by many creative people. New and old events appear…

Dan Perjovschi, timelessness, ephemerality and "Mesogeios"

Published in "Inside the Walls"
Dan Perjovschi is an artist whose work has been exhibited in the most important Biennale festivals and some of the greatest museums and art galleries…
The exhibition Tatu Tabu||

Mrs. Bric and Mr. Brac

Published in "City People"
We first heard about their existence during their exhibition “Tatu Tabu” in Trito bar and wanted to found out who the creators of these strange…
The exhibition of the Art Gallery of Viannos|||Painting by Konstantinos Perakis

The Art Gallery of Viannos: A modern Gallery in the most unexpected place

Published in "Presentations"
Sometimes the vision of one man alone is all it takes for realizing ‘utopias’...and that’s exactly how the Gallery of Viannos came to be.