An exemplary modern museum||

Nikos Kazantzakis Museum

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One of the few literature museums in the country is exclusively dedicated to the life and work of great Cretan writer Nikos Kazantzakis. Situated in…
The rugs of Aretousa (Archanes)|Aretousa weavers (Archanes)|Some of Aretousa's creations (Archanes)|The creations of Eleni Kouides (Argyroupoli)|The creations of Eleni Kouides (Argyroupoli)|The impressive workshop of Eleni Kouides (Argyroupoli)|The colorful yarns of kurelu (Pyrgos)!|The modern bags of Angeliki (Kurelu creations, Pyrgos)||Mitos weaving (Houdetsi)|Proud weaver next to her creations (Pyrgou Weaving Center)|Cretaions of the Pyrgou Weaving Center|Pyrgou Weaving Center|Houdetsi Weaving Center|Houdetsi Weaving Center|Houdetsi Weaving Center|Into the threads!|Houdetsi Weaving Center||

Cretazine presents: The revolution of the loom!

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From the time when Penelope longed for the return of Ulysses, furiously embroidering in her sewing room, to the times when our witty grandmothers made…
Crete, a Continent in an Island

Crete, a Continent in an Island

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A new book by the Natural History Museum of Crete, concentrates centuries of geological upheaval and all the wealth of the island's natural environment
Try the tastes of Crete, and take them back with you!

Souvenir Hunting in Heraklion

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Souvenir-hunting is a typical activity for most tourists - and in Heraklion all trails lead to the center!
The 'Little Cafe' in Kallikratis welcomes you!|The herbal goodies of 'Little Cafe'|A herbal sanctuary in the middle of nowhere|The Cretan Far West welcomes you|Cretan mountain tea (aka malotira) in Kallikratis|Mr. Yiannis in action!|Red hot chilli peppers anyone?|Passing the knowledge to the new generation|A few of the things you will find in Kouses|Cretan cuisine & Cretan herbs in Tsakalakis' cafe|Welcome to Nivritos|For the cold winter days & nights...|Yes, you may also order a coffee (Nivritos)

The herbal ‘sanctuaries’ of Crete

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In Crete you can easily find tasty food, great wine and good company. Finding good herbs to drink as an infusion or buy, however, can…
Φάτε μάτια (κι όχι μόνο) ψάρια!

The Open Air Markets of Heraklion

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Apart from the charity and art bazaars that sprout every once in a while in parks and squares, the permanent bazaars were always here as…