The open horizon of the village of Agios Thomas|Kavalaris overlooks the village|The carved tombs in 'Gria Mantra'|The inscription on the sanctuary of chthonic deities|St. Joasaph, the strangest temple we've seen!|One of the 15 churches of the settlement|Carved chambers used for religious ceremonies|||Agios Thomas in all its majesty!

Agios Thomas and the City of Stone

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There is a village, just half an hour away from the city of Heraklion, that hides a hole that leads to Hades, a sanctuary of…
Adrenaline rush, in the gorge of Agia Eirini!|||||

Crossing the gorge of Agia Eirini … by bike!

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The guard of the gorge gave us a strange look: “are you going to leave those here and come back to get them?” “No”, we…
The highest working employee of Crete|Sunset and fog over Samaria gorge|Kallergi refuge... by night!||Feeding the vultures of Samaria|A snowy selfie of the refuge-man|Watching mountaineering movies at night

Interview: the “highest working” employee in Crete, at Kallergi refuge!

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Christos Paterakis is the 'key keeper' of Kallergi refuge in the winter season. This honor was bestowed upon him by the Greek Mountaineering Club of…
Because summer loves action!|A trip to Lefka Ori by Petassos travel|Revealing the secrets of cretan gastronomy|Sailing the cretan sea on a budget!|Cycling at the southern mountain range of Europe!|Looking for "fairies" at Selakano forest|Meet locals, learn about the cretan culture!|Asterousia mountains, a wild scenery for cycling|Where wild cretan nature meets history!|Cretan flavors and colors by Cretan Paths

No more boring holidays!

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This summer in Crete will be different: four alternative tourism companies take care of everything and you only need to enjoy!
Recording the sound of wime|||||

The sound of wine

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Stella Vassilaki guides us in a journey of flavors and sounds, where the sweetest harmonies emerge from a rare orchestration of scents and musical instruments.