Saint Goat!||

Agiofaraggo: The gorge of the saints!

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Crete has many gorges –more than 250 as a matter of fact. Some of these are very hard to access, some are too dry and…
After the gorge comes the miracle!


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In Aradaina you will find the highest bridge for bungee jumping in Greece. Jump if you dare!

Anopoli - Aradaina: nature, adrenaline and... sfakian pies!

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Starting from the touristic portside of Chora Sfakion you cannot imagine that in just a few kilometres away you will arrive at a landscape resembling…
The breathtaking entrance to the gorge|A perfect natural spa!||||||||

At the gorge of Sarakina with the company of ancient giants

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Ancient giants, waterfalls and plunge pools in a small gorge that causes awe and offers a cool environment in the midst of the hot summer 
Arrow guided tours!

Crete 360°: A photographic journey

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A photographic project about Crete that came to us from Germany. Because, even virtual trips sometimes are enough to make our day!
For restless spirits - and bodies!||

Crete in action: where adrenaline never takes vacation!

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Just choose what you want to do… do you want to climb steep rocks like the ones you see in the Alps, or take a…
Adrenaline rush, in the gorge of Agia Eirini!|||||

Crossing the gorge of Agia Eirini … by bike!

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The guard of the gorge gave us a strange look: “are you going to leave those here and come back to get them?” “No”, we…
Imbros, the second most popular gorge of Crete

Discover the gorge of Imbros

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If you think the 16km long gorge of Samaria is too much for you, try the nearby gorge of Imbros, which offers an almost equally…
You've come a long way, but it's worth it!

Eligia (Ai Giannis)

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The fortress-like Monastery of Chrissoskalitissa|The forests of Chania...|Topolia gorge from above|House in the upper village of Topolia|Chestnuts anybody?|Welcome to the Wisdom of God!|The impressive interior of the cave|Somewhere inside this crack, lies hidden the icon of Wisdom of God|The imposing plane tree of Vlatos|Natural art on the plane tree of Vlatos|On the way to Milia Mountain Retreat|The houses of Milia, almost embedded into the natural environment|View of Milia from a mountain trail|The paved streets of Milia village|Mountain views as you enjoy a meal in Milia restaraunt|The abandonned park of peace, taken over by wild nature|The entrance to the Monastery of Chrissoskalitissa|View to the sea from the Monastery of Chrissoskalitissa|You have just arrived in the small paradise of Aspri Limni||||

From the Chestnut to the Date Trees of Chania (Milia – Chrissoskalitissa)

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We often brag about Crete as the island that has it all (ok, almost!) and we found the perfect route to prove this. Follow us…
The hidden forest of Crete||||Big bad wolf, are you there?||Where are we going?|The picturesque chapel of Agios Ioannis|The ancient plane trees of Rouvas|No, what are you looking at?|In the gorge...|Oh no, somebody is following us...|Stop for a while and enjoy the view!|What an ideal place for a theater...

In the forest of Rouvas - without the Big Bad Wolf!

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(and the gorge of Agios Nikolaos)
Explore the area to find hidden ruins, just like Indiana Jones!

Lissos: The discrete charm of unpopular ancient sites

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A ‘healing’ walk to the temple of Asclepius, where the rock meets the sea and ancient temples are ‘embedded’ in new ones
The colors of Eastern Crete|||Flowers everywhere!|The strange rocks of the gorge are captivating!|Aspros Potamos|The village of Pefki 'hanging' from the cliffs!|Makrigialos from above|The colorful marina of makrigialos

Makrigialos - Pefki - Kapsa Monastery

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Eastern Crete has a different color, scent and light, even different people. Sometimes it feels as if you are in another island. At this corner…
History, religion, nature||

Melidoni cave – Arkadi – Patsiano Gorge

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The mainland of Rethymno prefecture hides many secrets waiting to be revealed. Before you rush to its southern coast with the beautiful beaches, consider visiting…
Heaven on Earth


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Searching for cyclamens at Rouva’s forest - 2nd Zaros Trail Race

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I remember it as if it was yesterday. It was April of 1999, and first-grade students of Biology Department of University of Crete had to…
Haunted ruins hidden under a curtain of ivies||||||||

Springtime at the gorge of the mills

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Or, how to discover a small paradise, hidden just a few kilometers outside the town of Rethymnon
Yes, this landscape is in Crete!|The 19th century arched bridge|Follow the stream!||||One of the haunted stone made watermills

The gorge of Richtis: a “tropical” Cretan jungle

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A stone made bridge, a lush forest, a river that shapes refreshing ponds, wild flowers, wild berries, mushrooms, watermills, and a few meters before the…
Crete or Middle East?||||||||||||

The Holy Vibes of Martsalo

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If you want to find the hidden paradises of Crete you have to travel like a pilgrim. You have to cross rocky trails, let the…
|Can you see the beach from the road? Nope...|Crossing the small gorge of Trafoulas|There is running water in winter & spring!|Have we landed on a different planet?|||||The sleepless guards of Trafoulas...


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It was worth the adventure, don't you think?


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Unknown Samaria

Unknown Samaria

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Unexplored gorges, running waters and the joy of discovery in untouched and pristine corners of the most popular gorge of Crete
Video: the unseen world of Cretan gorges brought to light

Video: the unseen world of Cretan gorges brought to light

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Unseen images from the gorges of Asterousia Mountains are brought to light by the Institute of Speleological Studies of Greece

Walking on ancient trails, at the Plateau of Katharo

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Monumental oaks, natural sculptures of gray stone, an ancient cypress forest and a trail that climbs up to Katharo, one of the most beautiful plateaus…