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Dan Perjovschi solo exhibition at "Mesogeios" Art Space

07 Feb 2014

07.02 till 17.02

Mesogeios Art Space, 20 Handakos str.,
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Free entrance 

Everyday 12-2 pm. & 6-10 pm. let Google Maps guide you to event venue

Dan Perjovschi solo exhibition at "Mesogeios" Art Space

Additional Info

  • More Info:

    Mesogeios Art Space, 20 Handakos str.,

    e-mail: mesogiosart@gmail.com

“Mesogeios” art space launches the solo exhibition of the internationally recognized Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi by the title "I come, I draw, I go". Perjovschi will design right on the surfaces of the space inspired by what’s going on in the world, and life in Greece, as presented in the Greek and international media. The drawings will remain in place for ten days exactly, and then, as with any exhibition of the artist, will be covered in paint.

Perjovschi's work


"Anyone who expects something salacious or perhaps thinks even of nudity when reading the title “Naked Drawings” is going to be disappointed by Dan Perjovschi. Neither was the artist naked as he committed his drawings to paper or onto the walls, nor do the drawings depict naked bodies.

What is naked is the line. Reduced to the essentials, it is black and slender, has a beginning and an end, a direction and a progression. It has ups and downs, odd corners, rough edges, curves, and sometimes even gaps. (….)

The topics may just as easily be the Iraq war and the mini-job as the art war and the mini-artist. The bourgeois division between personal and political is not a part of Perjovschi’s thinking. “Everything I see is linked after all with the way I see things, and with what has happened to me.” (…)

The fact that he has lost faith in political science does not compel him to remain ignorant. Merely that his scepticism compels him to assess statements in the light of reality. Perjovschi’s art teaches this flexibility in our thoughts and reactions. It teaches us to think and live in the present. And to abandon grand gestures and pompous analyses. Dan Perjovschi has the line that speaks yet promises nothing."

- Julia Friedrich, The line that speaks

Perjovschi drawing1 cUT 

Dan Perjovschi: short bio

Dan Perjovschi is an artist, writer and cartoonist born in 1961 in Sibiu, Romania.

Perjovschi has over the past decade created drawings in museum spaces, most recently in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City in which he created the drawing during business hours for patrons to see. The drawings present a political commentary in response to current events. 

Read more about his work and his exhibitions around the world at his official website: www.perjovschi.ro

Useful info

The exhibition will take place from Thursday 6th of February till Sunday 16th. The official opening will be on Thursday 6th at 19.00. 

Opening hours: everyday 12-2 pm. & 6-10 pm.