Landing on the mysterious island of Agios Theodoros

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A small tour on the lonely island that overlooks the busiest beaches of Chania. The ancient Akoition or Thodorou -as it is commonly known in…
Video still: Eleni Androulaki narrates war stories to her granddaughter|Lions square during the war...a parachute can be seen in the background|Video still: Zambia Tzanakaki shares her memories from the occupation|Parachutes falling from the sky in Crete, May 20, 1941.|Video still: Artemisia Anastasopoulou talks about her memories from the Battle of Crete

Threads of History: Unraveling the stories of parachute silk used in the Battle of Crete

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Can textiles become containers of different meanings and purposes? Do they have a different story to tell about major historical events? Is it possible for…
Barb Wire Dolls performing live at The Ikarus||Bob Gruen's photos exhibited at the garden of The Ikarus on...surfboards!|The first art exhibition of Isis Queen|A unique musical meeting: Barb Wire Dolls, Anna Trocchia and Antonis Fragkakis|The first exhibit in Greece of artwork by Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen|

A night in The Ikarus Artist Commune

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Crete is the birthplace of many talented artists, most of whom are more or less known and established in the island. However, few are aware…
Carobs, carob flour and carob bread!||||||

Make your own bread with carob flour

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The editors of Cretazine raised their sleeves, kneaded and baked their own carob bread. Be like the editors of Cretazine.
The road to the station crosses a beautiful ascetic landscape|Welcome to one of the 15 super-stations of Europe!|The breathtaking view to the coast of Lassithi|These strange antennas "capture" atmospheric particles|Here is where measurements of gaseous pollutants take place|The machines that analyze the chemical and physical properties of aerosols and gaseous pollutants|The old stone-built houses of Koudoumalo|The route to the old school is an educational experience in itself|The old school will soon host scientific & educational activities||This old classroom will educate people again!|The almost deserted village of Finokalia|Lovely corners in Finokalia village||

A tour in Finokalia Station (combined with a raki feast!)

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The province of Mirabello is one of the most beautiful areas of Lassithi, a place that hosts numerous monuments, monasteries, traditional villages and pristine Cretan…
O Ross Daly παίζοντας rabab

Ross Daly distributes his music for free, for all...

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Ross Daly is fed up with the financial side of the recording industry and offers us his wonderful music free of monetary transactions
Cretan music at the trail of...the goat!

Cretan music reviews vol.1

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Four +1 new releases from the Cretan discography that deserve a place in your collection.