Kelly Thoma in the world of the 7 fish

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A female lyra player, composer, musician of Crete and of the world. Kelly Thoma is undoubtedly one of the most exceptional pioneers of contemporary Cretan…

Ariadne's Thread and the art of "kopaneli" as prêt à porter

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Somewhere between New Dehli, London and Heraklion, Akanksha found a new creative crossroad and led fashion design to a new direction.
Efthimis creates in his own studio||||||||||

Efthimis Mohianakis: painter, graffiti & tattoo artist

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We all knew Efthimis as a graffiti artist that has left his personal ‘signature’ in many corners of the city of Heraklion. Lately, he started…
Gareth & the Disk of Phaistos

Gareth Owens & the secrets of the Disk of Phaistos

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Every year on the 3rd of July you will find him enjoying a cup of coffee at the same place: the palace of Radamanthys in…
Από τη Γενεύη, στον Άγιο Σύλλα|The venetian walls of Heraklion

Charles Weber and the "charming chaos" of Heraklion

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Charles Weber is Swiss but lives in Crete for the past 10 years more or less. His photographic lens captures the most secluded corners of…
Restless and constantly moving: meet Georgia Petrali!||

Georgia Petrali

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One of the most restless spirits of the city that always finds new ways to tackle our cultural lethargy. Founder of 'Fysalida', a vivid dance…
"Ta Kritika", the book cover||

Jordi Alsina Iglesias

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From Argentona of Catalonia to Crete. A social anthropologist is impressed by the ‘phenomenon’ of Cretan music, writes his phd thesis for the University of…
Download for free the remixes of Lego Boy's "Don't Cry" by Liebe||

Music, travel, sharing

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Download for free the remixes of Lego boy's "Don’t Cry" by Liebe