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  • Efthimis creates in his own studioEfthimis creates in his own studio© Yiannis Makrakis
  • © Yiannis Makrakis
  • © Yiannis Makrakis
  • © Yiannis Makrakis
  • © Yiannis Makrakis
  • © Yiannis Makrakis

Efthimis Mohianakis: painter, graffiti & tattoo artist

We all knew Efthimis as a graffiti artist that has left his personal ‘signature’ in many corners of the city of Heraklion. Lately, he started uploading his painting works on his facebook page, aquarelle and mixing techniques on the canvas that reminded us something from Kandinsky and Miro. We were impressed! And we thought, we’d better be the first to interview him before he becomes famous…

Cretazine Tips

  • You can find Efthimis and samples of his work in his facebook page, or you can contact him via email: teaseaa@hotmail.gr
  • Herlin, where Eftimis’ first exhibition will be hosted, is located in Chandakos street 71. The opening day is December 23 at 20.00 and the exhibition will last for two weeks.


Published in  City People
//  Written by by Sissy Papadogianni



When and how did you start painting?

I started at the age of 16 -with graffiti. I was crazy about spray paint. But I always painted on paper too. I learned on my own. Theoretically I am self-taught in everything I do, with the exemption of the 2011-2012 period when I attended the art school of Charalabakis.

What kind of materials and techniques you prefer?

I use aquarelle a lot, plastic, oil and spray paint and whenever I combine them something good comes out. I apply the techniques and styles I learned in school, but mostly I improvise.

graffiti του ΕυθύμηDo you feel more free when you paint on walls instead of canvas?

No, for me it’s the same thing. I just created my own studio – I love the feeling of freedom as I spill paint everywhere without caring.

Which are your main influences and which is the painting style or artistic movement that represents you most?

Many things and many artists, some consciously and some not. For sure I was very influenced by Yiannis Charalambakis and his ideology.

I cannot say I follow a specific “movement”. It really depends on my mood and psychological state. I don’t like ‘labeling’ and dividing art in my mind. When I like a painting, I just like it, I don’t care about the movement it belongs to.

When you start painting, have you already decided how it will look at the end?

I almost always start with a draft design, but then I paint spontaneously and I let my painting take its final form in the process. Most of my paintings have a basis, but beyond that I just search for the ‘atmosphere’, the harmony of the lines.

How do you know that a work has been ‘successful’? And since your art is abstract, how do you know that a painting is complete?

When there are no exaggerations. Even when you don’t know what it is, the painting ‘speaks’ to you.  I feel that a painting is complete when there is balance between colors and shapes. None should be overwhelming and this is achieved in the process. 

ένα από τα έργα της έκθεσης

With which other art form you would be interested to work in the future?

I have started making tattoos. Nevertheless, it is hard for someone to come to you and say “make your own design”, he or she must like it. Tattoo has other techniques, other materials, you must start from zero. But I am very attracted to this art form.

The first person that trusted you?

Bless the girl, she said she will come back!

Have you ever thought attending the school of Fine Arts?

I never thought about that. The art school of Charalabakis was sufficient, really.

I feel that a painting is complete when there is balance between colors and shapes. None should be overwhelming and this is achieved in the process

How many hours a day you spend painting?

There are some days that I don’t even touch a pencil. I have to be in the mood, calm, focused. But generally speaking, I spend too many hours painting.

Which painter you admire and you consider a big influence to your work?

Lately I am obsessed with the work of Georges Mathieu who recently died, unfortunately. But if you asked me a month ago, I would tell you something else. I don’t get comfortable nor stable, I like change.

Where can we see your work?

Soon my first exhibition will be hosted in a new art space, Herlin. I will exhibit aquarelle and mixed works.