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  • O Ross Daly παίζοντας rababO Ross Daly παίζοντας rabab© Bastian Parschau
Crete as we Live it

Ross Daly distributes his music for free, for all...

Ross Daly is fed up with the financial side of the recording industry and offers us his wonderful music free of monetary transactions

In a rare move of magnanimity, Ross Daly, the "giant" of world music, creator of the Labyrinth and inspirer of our favorite Houdetsi Festival, offers his discography for free download on the eshop of his site, for anyone interested in music. His post on facebook explains the reason: 

"As of today whoever so wishes can download any or even all of my music completely free of charge (the only recording which remains for sale is my most recent one “The Other Side” which is available from CD baby). I have decided to do this because I would like all of the rest of my music to be easily available to anyone who wishes to listen without any financial dimension whatsoever. After so many years, I’m really really fed up with the financial side of the recording industry but I still love sharing my recordings with other people. This is the only thing that I could do in order to be able to continue enjoying that and that is more important to me than any amount of money."

Thank you Ross! ♥