Kelly Thoma in the world of the 7 fish

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A female lyra player, composer, musician of Crete and of the world. Kelly Thoma is undoubtedly one of the most exceptional pioneers of contemporary Cretan…
"Rodon Amaranton" (18th Century) and Kapralos' Pieta|Tsarouchis' “The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian”|The self-lit icons seem to float in a fully black background

Six centuries of religious art, plus half a century of Modern Greek art at the Historical Museum of Crete

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We were lucky enough to enjoy a private tour at the two new exhibitions of the Historical Museum of Crete -before the official opening on…
The mural over Lakkos Square, by Mathew Halpin||||||||

The Lakkos Project: from oblivion to creation

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The narrow lanes of Lakkos - the erstwhile infamous district of Heraklion - are recently witnessing an unusual activity: a new initiative that became known…

Ariadne's Thread and the art of "kopaneli" as prêt à porter

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Somewhere between New Dehli, London and Heraklion, Akanksha found a new creative crossroad and led fashion design to a new direction.
The bench of the cooperative 'Apo Koinou'|So many carob products!|Alternative musical instruments by Sifis|Sifis posing with his creations

A feast of the commons in Heraklion!

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Benches and tents lie on the ground dismantled and Georgiadis park gradually returns to its regular state. We can’t say the same for us though!…

The German guy who loves Heraklion City (video)

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And not only for its beautiful places, its culture and its well known hospitality of the inhabitants...

Dan Perjovschi, timelessness, ephemerality and "Mesogeios"

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Dan Perjovschi is an artist whose work has been exhibited in the most important Biennale festivals and some of the greatest museums and art galleries…
Efthimis creates in his own studio||||||||||

Efthimis Mohianakis: painter, graffiti & tattoo artist

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We all knew Efthimis as a graffiti artist that has left his personal ‘signature’ in many corners of the city of Heraklion. Lately, he started…