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What is Cretazine

Welcome to "Cretazine"

Cretazine is a guide for people who are interested in discovering an
alternative side of Crete by presenting high quality, up to date information and tips both to visitors and locals.

Through this guide, we invite you to discover Crete and support the promotion and preservation of its valuable cultural, archaeological and environmental heritage. However, this guide is not limited to rural Crete, beaches and folklore but is also focused on presenting urban life and the modern aspects of life on the island. In other words, we write about Crete as we live it!

The guide is enriched with articles, videos and photos on several thematic areas, such as culture, sightseeing, nightlife, etc.  However, because Crete is endless Cretazine is a project in progress that will continue to be developed with new ideas and materials. This project is based on the collective effort of different people that wish to promote the island in a correct and honest manner. Therefore, your contributions of any kind (articles, photos or videos) and suggestions are always welcome!

For the time being, the quest in urban Crete begins in Heraklion, the capital of Crete, as most of us live there. But we remain restless, we are looking for new partners and with your support we will attempt to enrich the website until it covers the whole island!

Lots of love and sunshine from Crete!