The open horizon of the village of Agios Thomas|Kavalaris overlooks the village|The carved tombs in 'Gria Mantra'|The inscription on the sanctuary of chthonic deities|St. Joasaph, the strangest temple we've seen!|One of the 15 churches of the settlement|Carved chambers used for religious ceremonies|||Agios Thomas in all its majesty!

Agios Thomas and the City of Stone

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There is a village, just half an hour away from the city of Heraklion, that hides a hole that leads to Hades, a sanctuary of…
The temple of Panagia and Mt Psiloritis in the background|||||

Meronas, the balcony of Amari

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At the verdant valley of Amari history and nature amalgamate a unique scenery with picturesque villages and nostalgic images from the past. 
Light and perspective games in the olive press  of the Monastery|Preserved stone made pavements in the village||The church of Karydi Monastery||The beautiful narrow lanes of Vamos|Old ruins  at the 13th century temple of Theotokos|12 arches and the sky as a ceiling|The olive press of the Karydi Monastery

Vamos: history, nobility, hospitality

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The tourist industry in Crete has a dark history, as it is often responsible for the destructive 'modernization' of many traditional villages. Vamos, however, is…
A sample of traditional architecture|A dreamhouse|The building of the Folk Museum|The perfect place for a coffee or some greek "meze"|A historical corner|A view of the village

Gavalohori, Apokorona's secret

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The villages of the (ex) province of Apokoronas are little treasures that need to be discovered one by one: for their unique colors, nature and…
Images of past times in the narrow lanes of the village||||

Ethia... the village where time stopped

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The steep cliffs of Asterousia mountains do not only end up to some of the most spectacular Cretan coasts but also ‘hide’ many scenic villages.…
Πύργοί & μεσαιωνικά ερείπια||


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Maroulas is not adequately advertised but it is a real time machine that takes you back to the Middle Ages, Renaissance and the Ottoman Empire,…
Σημείο αναφοράς του χωριού, ο πανάρχαιος πλάτανος||


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There are some over-commercialized villages in Crete that will fill you up with expectations and finally they will disappoint you. There are some others that…