Colors in the ruins. And suddenly, they are brought back to life!|Noble house of Bey Shekeria|Palmeti fountain next to a "paste-up"|Ntentidakidon street|19th century architecture at Mavrogenous str.|The old hamam in Bey Shekeria noble house|The small lane you have to take in order to get to noble house of Bey Shekeria

A walk in Agia Triada

Published in "City Routes"
Just a few steps away from the busy central market of Heraklion there is another city center, forgotten and ignored by the state authorities for…
A walk on the venetian walls||

A walk on the Venetian walls of Heraklion

Published in "City Routes"
The Venetian walls of Heraklion surround the old city, Chandax. What most people don’t know (including locals) is that these walls constitute the largest fortification…