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  • Photo by R. Behaeddin, shot in the times of the Cretan StatePhoto by R. Behaeddin, shot in the times of the Cretan State
Crete as we Live it

Gate of Agios Georgios

Gate of Agios Georgios or Lazareto or Maroulas. No matter which of its names you choose to call it, the fact remains that today you can only see it in pictures. A beautiful monument with valuable ornaments like medals, coats of arms and anaglyph lions. A round anaglyph icon of St. George (Agios Georgios) on his horse dominated right over the central gateway. 

It was built in 1565 by the Venetians and architect Julio Saborniano and it was demolished in 1917 to construct a road, a real crime of so-called modernization. The harsh fate of the Gate also had a past, as it was once connected to the lepers begging there and the plague clinic (Lazareto) nearby, which gave a second name to the Gate. Today we can only see its exit to Ikarou Avenue, the interior domed room under Eleftherias Square and part of the uphill arcade. The anaglyph icon of Agios Georgios is exhibited in the Historical Museum of Crete