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  • Download for free the remixes of Lego Boy's "Don't Cry" by LiebeDownload for free the remixes of Lego Boy's "Don't Cry" by Liebe

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Download for free the remixes of Lego boy's "Don’t Cry" by Liebe

We don't know what kind of gifts your friends make for you, but our friends give us their music, photographs and videos...is there anything better?

And we are happy to share them with you! 

Two remixes of our favorite “Don’t Cry” by Liebe, both fresh and new, are available on our webpage for downloading, given to us by Lego Boy (aka Yiannis Mechelinakis). Just press the download button and you'll soon have the soundtrack for your next tour on the island. It's that simple!

Lego Boy is a dj and music producer living in Heraklion. He fell into the 'cauldron' of creativity when he was just a little boy and since then he has never stopped planning and scheming new projects, while according to rumors his fan clubs are found as far as in Japan. These days he is in love with Berlin, but he doesn't plan to leave Crete for any other place on earth!