Welcome to the blue lagoon!|||


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The fortress-like Monastery of Chrissoskalitissa|The forests of Chania...|Topolia gorge from above|House in the upper village of Topolia|Chestnuts anybody?|Welcome to the Wisdom of God!|The impressive interior of the cave|Somewhere inside this crack, lies hidden the icon of Wisdom of God|The imposing plane tree of Vlatos|Natural art on the plane tree of Vlatos|On the way to Milia Mountain Retreat|The houses of Milia, almost embedded into the natural environment|View of Milia from a mountain trail|The paved streets of Milia village|Mountain views as you enjoy a meal in Milia restaraunt|The abandonned park of peace, taken over by wild nature|The entrance to the Monastery of Chrissoskalitissa|View to the sea from the Monastery of Chrissoskalitissa|You have just arrived in the small paradise of Aspri Limni||||

From the Chestnut to the Date Trees of Chania (Milia – Chrissoskalitissa)

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We often brag about Crete as the island that has it all (ok, almost!) and we found the perfect route to prove this. Follow us…
Hey there, pirate!|


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The hidden forest of Crete||||Big bad wolf, are you there?||Where are we going?|The picturesque chapel of Agios Ioannis|The ancient plane trees of Rouvas|No, what are you looking at?|In the gorge...|Oh no, somebody is following us...|Stop for a while and enjoy the view!|What an ideal place for a theater...

In the forest of Rouvas - without the Big Bad Wolf!

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(and the gorge of Agios Nikolaos)

Landing on the mysterious island of Agios Theodoros

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A small tour on the lonely island that overlooks the busiest beaches of Chania. The ancient Akoition or Thodorou -as it is commonly known in…
Afentis Christos temple and below the colorful mosaics of Crete||

The ascent to Mount Yuchtas

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Sometimes you don’t need to go very far to find wild Cretan nature. The anthropomorphic mountain of Yuchtas is just a few kilometers away from…