After sunrise, on the rocky trail of Psiloritis||||||

A photographic journey to the summit of Psiloritis

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Every summer a few brave people wake up before sunrise to participate in the walk to Psiloritis. They climb up the stone made trail when…

Ammoudara Five-0

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In Aradaina you will find the highest bridge for bungee jumping in Greece. Jump if you dare!

Anopoli - Aradaina: nature, adrenaline and... sfakian pies!

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Starting from the touristic portside of Chora Sfakion you cannot imagine that in just a few kilometres away you will arrive at a landscape resembling…
Climbing, with the Grim Reaper chasing you!|

Climbing on Gigilos - together with Grim Reaper

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A dangerous affirmation of existence, a few hundred of meters over the gorge of Samaria.
Skiing with a view to the sea

Crossing Lefka Ori. With skis!

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Ski resort? No, thanks...
Adrenaline rush, in the gorge of Agia Eirini!|||||

Crossing the gorge of Agia Eirini … by bike!

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The guard of the gorge gave us a strange look: “are you going to leave those here and come back to get them?” “No”, we…
Cycling in Hersonissos

Cycling in Hersonissos

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Nine bike routes to cycle your way around Hersonissos 
Within the guts of the underground 'beast'||

Gourgouthakas, the underground giant

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Would you dare to camp 750 meters below the surface of the earth, within the ‘guts’ of the deepest cave chasm of Greece?
The hidden forest of Crete||||Big bad wolf, are you there?||Where are we going?|The picturesque chapel of Agios Ioannis|The ancient plane trees of Rouvas|No, what are you looking at?|In the gorge...|Oh no, somebody is following us...|Stop for a while and enjoy the view!|What an ideal place for a theater...

In the forest of Rouvas - without the Big Bad Wolf!

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(and the gorge of Agios Nikolaos)
The highest working employee of Crete|Sunset and fog over Samaria gorge|Kallergi refuge... by night!||Feeding the vultures of Samaria|A snowy selfie of the refuge-man|Watching mountaineering movies at night

Interview: the “highest working” employee in Crete, at Kallergi refuge!

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Christos Paterakis is the 'key keeper' of Kallergi refuge in the winter season. This honor was bestowed upon him by the Greek Mountaineering Club of…
Because summer loves action!|A trip to Lefka Ori by Petassos travel|Revealing the secrets of cretan gastronomy|Sailing the cretan sea on a budget!|Cycling at the southern mountain range of Europe!|Looking for "fairies" at Selakano forest|Meet locals, learn about the cretan culture!|Asterousia mountains, a wild scenery for cycling|Where wild cretan nature meets history!|Cretan flavors and colors by Cretan Paths

No more boring holidays!

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This summer in Crete will be different: four alternative tourism companies take care of everything and you only need to enjoy!
Panagiotis Zachariou, athlete & philosopher

Panagiotis Zachariou, athlete & philosopher

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Searching for cyclamens at Rouva’s forest - 2nd Zaros Trail Race

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I remember it as if it was yesterday. It was April of 1999, and first-grade students of Biology Department of University of Crete had to…
|||||Kitesurfing in the bay of Matala!|||||

Snowkiting and kitesurfing in Crete

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A French snowkite champion and a French professional photographer experienced snowkiting and kitesurfing in Crete, struggled with strong winds and the rocky cretan mountains and…
Matala bay from above!|Kiriamadi peninsula, eastern Crete|Toplou monastery!|Sfakia port from above!

Traveling with drones over Crete

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Have you ever dreamed that you were fying like a bird over seas and mountains, free of gravity, blessed with a whole new vision of…
Video: the unseen world of Cretan gorges brought to light

Video: the unseen world of Cretan gorges brought to light

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Unseen images from the gorges of Asterousia Mountains are brought to light by the Institute of Speleological Studies of Greece