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  • After sunrise, on the rocky trail of PsiloritisAfter sunrise, on the rocky trail of Psiloritis© Maria Chatzikonstantinou
Crete as we Live it

A photographic journey to the summit of Psiloritis

Every summer a few brave people wake up before sunrise to participate in the walk to Psiloritis. They climb up the stone made trail when the first sunbeams shed their golden touch on the highest summit of Crete to attend a religious ceremony at the chapel of Timios Stavros. They 'fight' with their bodies and souls against the power of the mountain, in an attempt to conquer it. The contest is tough; but at the end the colors of the rising sun, the endless horizon, the pleasure of achievement, and -of course- the traditional feast that follows are the best reward!

Follow us in a photographic journey of this year's 'walk to psiloritis' that took place on 17/8/2014.

Cretazine Tips

All photos were given to us by Maria Chatzikonstantinou who took the challenge and conquered the top of Psiloritis! We warmly thank her! You can see more photos on her flickr page! 

Published in  Cretan Tales
//  Written by Yiannis Makrakis




"A challenging ascent to the highest point of Crete"

Photographs: Maria Chatzikonstantinou

In the horizon the sun sheds its first golden beams

Climbing almost in blind...

... but it's fun!

"Do you see the top?"

Some climbers make you feel ashamed when you almost give up...

The kingdom of stone and sun

The daylight reveals the surrounding summits

Down there, the site of Lakkos Mygeros, where the feast takes place

A colorful human caravan

The end point, just a breath away...

Around the stone made chapel of Timios Stavros

The worshippers of the highest summit of Crete

Only stone and the open horizon

"The things that never happened, are things we didn't desire enough"...but it did happen!

Time for the feast

...and lots of food! See you next year!