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  • Anestis the scavenger, ecstatic by the musicAnestis the scavenger, ecstatic by the music
Crete as we Live it

VIDEO: The magic music of Labyrinth

A short film by cretan director Thodoris Papadoulakis full of humor, tenderness and beautiful pictures. Starring Anestis, the scavenger (Nikos Orfanos) roaming Houdetsi’s lanes proclaiming his services. Starring –also-  the music of “Labyrinth”, which has a magical effect on the scavenger. After his encounter with the giant Ross Daly (both literally and metaphorically) Anestis manages to reach the heart of the Labyrinth where he confronts the musicians, he is bewitched by their music and initiates his strange dance.

This short film is shot for a good cause (other than entertainment, of course): Labyrinth, the musical workshop of Ross Daly in Houdetsi village (Heraklion prefecture), which has made Crete an important destination for ethnic music lovers, needs financial support. Labyrinth organizes workshops and musical seminars but is also the main organizer of the incredible Houdetsi Festival that takes place every summer (in August), which is probably the best cultural festival in Crete today. Musicians from Crete and all over the world meet, interact and improvise in Houdetsi and the outcome is a multi-cultural musical experience. All concerts are free and the village is overwhelmed with crowds of locals and visitors for three days. 

Labyrinth Musical Workshop needs our support in order to continue their work. More information can be found on their page:

But first of all, enjoy the video! 

Ο λαβύρινθος του Ανέστη – Μουσικό Εργαστήρι Λαβύρινθος from Indigoview on Vimeo.