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Crete as we Live it

Panagiotis Zachariou, athlete & philosopher

Since we run, we are all Gods (theoi). Is there a more beautiful way for someone to run (théei) in his life than with a bike at bike races?"

Panagiotis Zachariou

*The Greek word for "God" (theos) stems from the verb "théein" which means, to run.

Panagiotis is the living proof of "Mens sana in corpere sano" (healthy mind in a healthy body). He is an exceptional athlete, a philosopher, a writer, a painter but above all a passionate human being. I truthfully believe that he cannot do something "for a bit". 

At the bike races , where i met him, he would run unrelenting from the very beginning till the end of the race. If he fell, he would immediately stand up again as if nothing happened, if his bike got tuck in the mud an the couldn't ride, he would carry it and run. There is such a determination and tenacity in his eyes, that if you look deeper, it comes from his soul

It is such an intense feeling you get, that makes you wonder if his legs move the bike or if it is his soul in its struggle to run (to théein) forward carries the body along.

Φωτογραφία / κείμενο: Manthos Tzorbatzakis