Crete is not just a tourist destination.
Check out her alternative side!


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  • Matala bay from above!Matala bay from above!
  • Kiriamadi peninsula, eastern CreteKiriamadi peninsula, eastern Crete
  • Toplou monastery!Toplou monastery!
  • Sfakia port from above!Sfakia port from above!
Crete as we Live it

Traveling with drones over Crete

Have you ever dreamed that you were fying like a bird over seas and mountains, free of gravity, blessed with a whole new vision of the world?

Technology sometimes makes our dreams come true. In this case, it gave us a new pair of eyes and magic wings with the help of drones that fly and record the world from above.

The website collects aerial videos from around the world, shot with drones. The site is constantly updated - and you can even submit your own aerial video, just in case you own a drone!

Zooming into the map of Crete we found 10 'pins' (some on the wrong spot, but its ok, we know), which means, 10 magical journeys over the island's landscapes.

Fasten your seat belts and let's go!

From the east to the west:

Toplou Monastery– Kavo Sidero & Kuriamadi

Just a breath away from the Monastery's dome and a rare view of the narrow peninsula of Kavo Sidero and the wider region!

Chrissi (Donkey Island!)

Here, words are unnecessary. A spectacular aerial stroll over the turquoise waters and exotic beaches of Chrissi with a Moby soundtrack!

Limnakaro Plateau

A video by the Association of Nature Lovers of Heraklion with a view over the plateau of Limnakaro, and the mountain refuge specifically.


You see this and you re-appreciate the natural beauty of this cove (and re-affirm the ugliness of some arbitrary constructions over the rocks and the sandy beach).

Mount Psiloritis

How much more majestic this holy mountain can look? Another video by the Association of Nature Lovers of Heraklion shows us, taking us even higher from the highest summit (2456m.) and the little church. 

Mount Psiloritis (Pierra Creta 2014)

We are still over Psiloritis, but this time the landscape is snowy and the shots were taken during the first first ski mountaineering race, Pierra Creta 2014. The scenes are breathtaking, really!

Triopetra, Akoumiani Gialia and Agios Pavlos

Your virtual wings now take you over the most beautiful beaches of rethymnon...we are so jealous of this specific drone!


A flight over the unique anaglyph of Plakias region and a near-landing on the old bridge next to the Monastery of Preveli.

Chora Sfakion

This video was shot on the day of the great protest against the disposal of Syria's chemicals in the Libyan Sea. This drone was also political!

*And here's a last one with images from all around crete, like a dreamy slide show: