In Aradaina you will find the highest bridge for bungee jumping in Greece. Jump if you dare!

Anopoli - Aradaina: nature, adrenaline and... sfakian pies!

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Starting from the touristic portside of Chora Sfakion you cannot imagine that in just a few kilometres away you will arrive at a landscape resembling…
For restless spirits - and bodies!||

Crete in action: where adrenaline never takes vacation!

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Just choose what you want to do… do you want to climb steep rocks like the ones you see in the Alps, or take a…
The plateau of Limnakaro from above|Here is where the Holy Spirit resides...!|||Meditation tree...||The old frescoes of the chapel||E4 signs will lead you to more secret places...|Can you think of a better place to find nirvana?|||||||

Discover the plateau of Limnakaro

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South of the famous Lassithi Plateau there is another lesser known plateau…small and tranquil but overwhelmingly beautiful: Limnakaro.
One of the most beautiful coastal routes|||||||||||||||

Elafonisi – Kedrodasos (E4 trail)

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Crossing the European E4 trail may seem an extreme task, doable only by hardcore trekkers. However, the route we propose here from Elafonisi to Kedrodasos…
The Plateau of Nida, a mystical landscape|Local livestock will keep you company all along the route|The Venetian creamery is hidden behind these trees|Yes, it is possible to ski!|The snowy summits of Psiloritis on the background||This mitato is situated within the archaeological site of Zominthos||A typical mitato...|In the horizon you can see the village of Anogia|A characteristic landscape of Psiloritis|Another mitato on the way to Nida

From Anogia to the Plateau of Nida, the den of Zeus

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A winter excursion in ancient landscapes, imbued with legends, history and ... snow
The hidden forest of Crete||||Big bad wolf, are you there?||Where are we going?|The picturesque chapel of Agios Ioannis|The ancient plane trees of Rouvas|No, what are you looking at?|In the gorge...|Oh no, somebody is following us...|Stop for a while and enjoy the view!|What an ideal place for a theater...

In the forest of Rouvas - without the Big Bad Wolf!

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(and the gorge of Agios Nikolaos)
Explore the area to find hidden ruins, just like Indiana Jones!

Lissos: The discrete charm of unpopular ancient sites

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A ‘healing’ walk to the temple of Asclepius, where the rock meets the sea and ancient temples are ‘embedded’ in new ones
|||||Kitesurfing in the bay of Matala!|||||

Snowkiting and kitesurfing in Crete

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A French snowkite champion and a French professional photographer experienced snowkiting and kitesurfing in Crete, struggled with strong winds and the rocky cretan mountains and…
Nudism, relaxed atmosphere, and fanatic visitors!


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Walking on ancient trails, at the Plateau of Katharo

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Monumental oaks, natural sculptures of gray stone, an ancient cypress forest and a trail that climbs up to Katharo, one of the most beautiful plateaus…