After sunrise, on the rocky trail of Psiloritis||||||

A photographic journey to the summit of Psiloritis

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Every summer a few brave people wake up before sunrise to participate in the walk to Psiloritis. They climb up the stone made trail when…
Colors in the ruins. And suddenly, they are brought back to life!|Noble house of Bey Shekeria|Palmeti fountain next to a "paste-up"|Ntentidakidon street|19th century architecture at Mavrogenous str.|The old hamam in Bey Shekeria noble house|The small lane you have to take in order to get to noble house of Bey Shekeria

A walk in Agia Triada

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Just a few steps away from the busy central market of Heraklion there is another city center, forgotten and ignored by the state authorities for…
Agia Ekaterini as a modern museum|||||||||

Agia Ekaterini Museum (St. Catherine)

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The open horizon of the village of Agios Thomas|Kavalaris overlooks the village|The carved tombs in 'Gria Mantra'|The inscription on the sanctuary of chthonic deities|St. Joasaph, the strangest temple we've seen!|One of the 15 churches of the settlement|Carved chambers used for religious ceremonies|||Agios Thomas in all its majesty!

Agios Thomas and the City of Stone

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There is a village, just half an hour away from the city of Heraklion, that hides a hole that leads to Hades, a sanctuary of…
In Aradaina you will find the highest bridge for bungee jumping in Greece. Jump if you dare!

Anopoli - Aradaina: nature, adrenaline and... sfakian pies!

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Starting from the touristic portside of Chora Sfakion you cannot imagine that in just a few kilometres away you will arrive at a landscape resembling…

At the summit of Kofinas, like little gods

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Hike up the holy summit of Asterousia Mountains and bow before the majesty of the Libyan Sea
Romana Portela with its impressive arch|Panagia Koumpelina, recently renovated|The beautiful setting of Choumeriako||Anaglyph from the fountain of Agios Georgios|Outdoor recycled art, by the residents!|In the interior of Romana Portela||

Choumeriako, the village of the three hills and nineteen churches

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Beautful architecture, beautiful nature...||||||||

Crete or Tuscany?

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Discover Agios Fanourios – and Tuscanian landscapes - in Kitharida
The plateau of Limnakaro from above|Here is where the Holy Spirit resides...!|||Meditation tree...||The old frescoes of the chapel||E4 signs will lead you to more secret places...|Can you think of a better place to find nirvana?|||||||

Discover the plateau of Limnakaro

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South of the famous Lassithi Plateau there is another lesser known plateau…small and tranquil but overwhelmingly beautiful: Limnakaro.
Images of past times in the narrow lanes of the village||||

Ethia... the village where time stopped

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The steep cliffs of Asterousia mountains do not only end up to some of the most spectacular Cretan coasts but also ‘hide’ many scenic villages.…
A sample of traditional architecture|A dreamhouse|The building of the Folk Museum|The perfect place for a coffee or some greek "meze"|A historical corner|A view of the village

Gavalohori, Apokorona's secret

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The villages of the (ex) province of Apokoronas are little treasures that need to be discovered one by one: for their unique colors, nature and…
Romantic walks in Stroumpoulas|When you see Timios Stavros, you are almost there...!|The trail is relatively easy and suitable for all|Stroumpoulas vegetation|The view to the plateau will make you stop several times to admire it|The evening service on July 20th|The perfect setting for a selfie!|Shadow games at sunset|On the way back...|The summits of Mylopotamos are painted orange|The view of Stroumpoulas from Heraklion, as the sun sets...

Hiking on the Holy Mountain of Stroumpoulas

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The pyramidal mountain of Stroumpoulas -as it seems, when you look at it from Heraklion- offers one of the most beautiful nearby escapes for naturalistic,…
The route towards the Monastery of Koudoumas

Kapetaniana - Ai Giannis

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Ascetic landscapes, naked mountains, hiking trails, ancient customs, hidden gulfs...the mountain chain of Asterousia and its wild beauty is not for every taste. It requires…
Clouds traveling over the plateau of Omalos|||Kato Simi, set on a green valley|The temple of Agios Georgios in Ano Simi|Mrs. Vassiliki at the coffee shop 'Karavos'  told us many stories...|The temple of Panagia Galaktoktismeni & Nistikoktismeni||The mystical landscape of Omalos|On the way to the plateau, through the pine tree forest

Kato Simi - Omalos Viannou

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Discover one of the most beautiful mountainous landscape of Crete, perhaps the most important pine tree forest of the island and a village full of…
Explore the area to find hidden ruins, just like Indiana Jones!

Lissos: The discrete charm of unpopular ancient sites

Published in "Island Routes"
A ‘healing’ walk to the temple of Asclepius, where the rock meets the sea and ancient temples are ‘embedded’ in new ones
History, religion, nature||

Melidoni cave – Arkadi – Patsiano Gorge

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The mainland of Rethymno prefecture hides many secrets waiting to be revealed. Before you rush to its southern coast with the beautiful beaches, consider visiting…
The temple of Panagia and Mt Psiloritis in the background|||||

Meronas, the balcony of Amari

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At the verdant valley of Amari history and nature amalgamate a unique scenery with picturesque villages and nostalgic images from the past. 
The Patron Saint of the city

St. Minas (Agios Minas)

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Afentis Christos temple and below the colorful mosaics of Crete||

The ascent to Mount Yuchtas

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Sometimes you don’t need to go very far to find wild Cretan nature. The anthropomorphic mountain of Yuchtas is just a few kilometers away from…
Crete or Middle East?||||||||||||

The Holy Vibes of Martsalo

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If you want to find the hidden paradises of Crete you have to travel like a pilgrim. You have to cross rocky trails, let the…
|The inside of the temple is impressive||What remains of the old frescoes||

The Temple of Petros & Pavlos (Peter and Paul)

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A walk to the highest summit of Crete. For a holy purpose!

The walk to the summit of Psiloritis

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Put all your worries in your backpack and start climbing to the top. When you arrive, take a deep breath, and with all the strenght…
Light and perspective games in the olive press  of the Monastery|Preserved stone made pavements in the village||The church of Karydi Monastery||The beautiful narrow lanes of Vamos|Old ruins  at the 13th century temple of Theotokos|12 arches and the sky as a ceiling|The olive press of the Karydi Monastery

Vamos: history, nobility, hospitality

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The tourist industry in Crete has a dark history, as it is often responsible for the destructive 'modernization' of many traditional villages. Vamos, however, is…
The medieval village of Voila flourished during the15th-19th century|||The Ottoman Gate of the tower|Almost intact, the interior of the house|And in the horizon, wind generators...|The chapel of Agios Georgios|The fresco over the tomb|

Voila, the Medieval habitat of Cretan lords

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When you cross the rural settlements of otherworldly Ziros Plateau, it is hard to imagine that once upon a time here lived Venetian lords and…
Into the time machine!

Ziros Plateau - Into the time machine

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Lassithi is one of the less travelled and yet most beautiful regions of Crete (perhaps exactly because it is less travelled!) and the Plateau of…