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The German guy who loves Heraklion City (video)

And not only for its beautiful places, its culture and its well known hospitality of the inhabitants...

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Published in  Inside the Walls



He loves it especially for the old - and sometimes very ruined abandoned houses.

He likes the sound of a passing moped, the old ladies sitting with their black dresses in front of their houses, the rotten flowerpots in the narrow streets and yards ...

"These are the things making Heraklion what is to me - beautiful, incomparable , unique ... A place where I want to grow old" says Michael Schaumburg, the 56 years old German from Berlin. 30 years regular tourist in Heraklion, decided in 2005 that this is the city where he wants to spend the rest of his life.

He is afraid though that these old corners of Heraklion will disappear one day and before they are completely forgotten he wants to share this video with us, titled "A forgotten Heraklion".

A forgotten Heraklion from Michael Schaumburg on Vimeo.