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  • Restless and constantly moving: meet Georgia Petrali!Restless and constantly moving: meet Georgia Petrali!

Georgia Petrali

One of the most restless spirits of the city that always finds new ways to tackle our cultural lethargy. Founder of 'Fysalida', a vivid dance group that 'interferes' in the city life with street protest art, and inspirer of Contact Improvisation, an international dance festival organized for the second year in Heraklion. Georgia Petrali lives to dance or dances to live, she moves, improvises, hates pretentiousness and...too much make up! She talks to us in view of the 2nd Contact Improvisation Festival. 

What is dance to you?

A virus! A good virus that you can live with.

How difficult is it to constantly create and introduce innovative ideas in a city like Heraklion?

To create is a difficult task on its own right, to be innovative is rare, and even more rare and difficult at the same time is to enjoy the creation and its route...

How was people’s response to the last street art events organized by Fysalida?

Touching and full of hope.

How can art and activism grow together, in your opinion?

The core of both is common, anyway. Exhibition and expression. They both grow from the desire and need for communication, love, truth, beauty. Art ought to be spread everywhere! With ideology above all, naturally.

Γωγώ Πετραλή

Have you ever thought of leaving Heraklion to seek places with more ‘fertile ground’ for your art? 

Of course! Every day. And every day I come back. I leave, I return, I go again…How else?
My base is here, for the last 5-6 years. As for the future, we’ll see… We focus on the present, for now

What do you love and what do you hate about this city?

I love Minoan Crete and my neighborhood, Agia Triada, my friends, Fysalida and its world, the sea and its saltiness, the bees in danger of extinction, the little park of Agia Eirini and the old unrenovated storefronts in the city center that remind me of Sunday morning walks, which I also love.

I love traditional coffee shops and the old men playing pagamon. The ladies that whip the carpets out in the streets and the scent of jasmine in some fortuitous moments!

I get irritated with those who honk their horns for no reason, who smoke in my face and throw their garbage wherever, those who don’t listen and don’t see, who are indifferent and pretend everything is ok in one moment and the next decide to play the role of the ‘rebel’, at the wrong time and moment.

So that the words meet the wrong audience. That happens a lot in this city…in every city…

I hate the lack of green in Heraklion and the prevalence of cement. Pomposity and pretentiousness. Too much make-up and music without character. That thing with the music in this city gets on my nerves.

Then again, I gaze at the sea and the mountains, I take a deep breath from the thyme-scented air… and I forget all that.

Contact Improvisation

What is the 'target group' of Contact Improvisation Festival?

People who want to dare something new, who wish to reconnect with something old and forgotten, to continue to exist and learn.
People who are open to movement, expression, contact and improvisation.

What inspired you to get involved with this kind of dance so passionately? 

The human contact through movement and dance, and its reflection process in relation to the ego and the team. The open senses and the tremendous perception ability this kind of dance entails, the promptitude required in each moment, the personal expression and ‘exposure’, and of course, the game of redefining psycho-social-somatic limits!

What will we see in Contact Improvisation, those of us who have no relation to dance?

More dance.

We know that you are a restless person. What are your plans for the future?

To continue continuing. To move. To co-exist. What and how, we will talk about it soon…we’ll be in touch.