Recording the sound of wime|||||

The sound of wine

Published in "Cretan Tales"
Stella Vassilaki guides us in a journey of flavors and sounds, where the sweetest harmonies emerge from a rare orchestration of scents and musical instruments.
The rugs of Aretousa (Archanes)|Aretousa weavers (Archanes)|Some of Aretousa's creations (Archanes)|The creations of Eleni Kouides (Argyroupoli)|The creations of Eleni Kouides (Argyroupoli)|The impressive workshop of Eleni Kouides (Argyroupoli)|The colorful yarns of kurelu (Pyrgos)!|The modern bags of Angeliki (Kurelu creations, Pyrgos)||Mitos weaving (Houdetsi)|Proud weaver next to her creations (Pyrgou Weaving Center)|Cretaions of the Pyrgou Weaving Center|Pyrgou Weaving Center|Houdetsi Weaving Center|Houdetsi Weaving Center|Houdetsi Weaving Center|Into the threads!|Houdetsi Weaving Center||

Cretazine presents: The revolution of the loom!

Published in "Cretan Tales"
From the time when Penelope longed for the return of Ulysses, furiously embroidering in her sewing room, to the times when our witty grandmothers made…
Live perfomances by local bands in 'Palio Lido'|Lyra and violin, side by side!|||"The kangoors" a popular local band||Neske from Amsterdam playing the violin!|

From the coast of Asterousia to the center of Heraklion: An ode to Cretan summer magic

Published in "Cretan Tales"
Who said multiculturalism and variety is a ‘privilege’ of large urban centers? The whole island Crete in the summer becomes the ultimate culture hub for…
After sunrise, on the rocky trail of Psiloritis||||||

A photographic journey to the summit of Psiloritis

Published in "Cretan Tales"
Every summer a few brave people wake up before sunrise to participate in the walk to Psiloritis. They climb up the stone made trail when…
Matala bay from above!|Kiriamadi peninsula, eastern Crete|Toplou monastery!|Sfakia port from above!

Traveling with drones over Crete

Published in "Cretan Tales"
Have you ever dreamed that you were fying like a bird over seas and mountains, free of gravity, blessed with a whole new vision of…