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Crete as we Live it

The kids of Zoniana dance 'a capella'

A cute, surrealistic dance...the things you may see at a 'Shepherd and Cheese Festival'!

We saw them in a narrow lane of the village at the Shepherd & Cheese Festival of Zoniana. A surrealistic sight: the new generation of villagers, dancing a capella, in a direct connection with Cretan DNA! We loved little Michalis, rehearsing his steps in his new running shoes, and his carefree company trying to follow the austere guidance of the 'Sir'.  

And while the village kids rehearsed their steps a few moments before they appear on stage, a bit further lambs (antikristo) were slowly cooked on the road, women offered us locally made cheese and other traditional treats, and the crowd danced around the gigantic cheese set at the main square, highlighted as the village totem of the day. From Mylopotamos, with love!