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Outdoor activity

2nd Archanes Asterousia XC Cup

14 Mar 2014

14.03 till 17.03

Asterousia mountain range,
let Google Maps guide you to event venue

2nd Archanes Asterousia XC Cup

Archanes Asterousia XC Cup is an OPEN mountain bike race taking place in the southern mountain range of Europe, overlooking the Libyan Sea. Asterousia mountains, according to the local legend, took the name of Asterion, the first king of Crete. 

This arid mountain range is famous for its wild beauty and rugged, steep slopes, which rise along the southern coast of Heraklion.

This March this imposing natural scenery will host the 2nd Archanes-Asterousia XC Cup, a 3-day mountain bike race, unique to the island of Crete, organized by the Municipality of Archanes-Asterousia.

Under the Archanes-Asterousia XC cup three different races in three racing days  (14-16 March) will take place, with different starting points . The races apply to people involved with cycling professionally but also to amateurs.

The route crosses some of the most beautiful landscapes of Asteroussia following dirt roads on the steep slopes of the mountain, revealing breathtaking views to the south coast of Crete and the Libyan Sea.


* Unfortunately the official website of the race is only in Greek, but for more info you can contact the organizers at: info@archanes-asterousia-xc-cup.gr and at (+30)2813401159, 2813401123, 6945230444

  You can also see here a photo gallery with the landscapes of the routes of the race. 

Watch the promo video: