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CommonsFest 2014

09 May 2014

09.05 till 12.05

Koinonikos Choros (9, Monis Agaratou str),
Entrance Fee

Free entrance

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CommonsFest 2014

Additional Info

CommonsFest is an initiative to promote freedom of knowledge (or free knowledge) and peer-to-peer collaboration for the creation and management of the commons. A philosophy that has spread through free software communities and extends to many aspects of our daily lives, such as the arts, governance, construction of machinery, tools and other goods. Through an exhibition, talks, screenings and workshops, the aim of the festival is to promote the achievements of this philosophy to the public and become a motive for further adoption.


Building a society of Commons (George Dafermos – FLOK Society project, Ecuador)

Creative Commons Licences in Practice: Cases of CC Use and Lessons from the field (Prodromos Tsiavos, Maria Mertzani – Creative Commons Greece)

Accomplishing art projects through crowdfunding (Giannis Farsaris – OpenΒook)

From the bottom of the sea to the edge of the sky: school projects based on open hardware and free knowledge (Astrinos Tsoutsoudakis, Saitakis Angelici, Apostolaki Marianthe, Raptakis Panagiotis – ViannoSat & Hydrobot)

Peer-to-Peer desktop production: Opportunities and challenges (Vasilis Niaros – P2P Lab)

From open source to open content (Theodoros Karounos – GFOSS)

Towards an open festival (en oiko) 

Outlining forms of open networks (Platform)

Open data and open knowledge (Vasilis Chrysos and Charalambos Bratsas – FOSS Office / OKF Greece)

Self-managed spaces, forms, necessity and operation modes (to Granazi) 

Current system and proposal for an alternative model based on common resources (Diomedes Skalistis – Zeitgeist Movement Greece)

Off-grid electricity production from open source renewable energy sources & Peer-to-peer electricity production and management for energy efficiency and self-reliance (Costas Latoufis – Iason Kouveliotis-Lysikatos – Nea Guinea / SmartRUE NTUA)

Labaki hackerspace: an open community for unusual innovation, learning and sharing (Antonis Hariton – tolabaki hackerspace) 

Privacy and security in our mobile phone (Nikos Roussos – Digital Liberation Network) 

Wireless community networks sarantaporo.gr: Modern infrastructure by citizens for citizens (Vasilis Chrysos – sarantaporo.gr)

Open governance (Thanassis Priftis – GFOSS) 

What digital freedoms do we want? Grassroots policies for the intellectual Commons in Greece in crisis (Antonis Broumas – Digital Liberation Network)

Work with nature, not against it (Maniadakis Michael)

Socially supported agriculture (Harris Papayannakis – Zizania) 

Community health care, by citizens for citizens (Social Solidarity Network of Heraklion)

The experiment of #rbnews: exploring the citizen journalism (Katerina Stavroula – radiobubble.gr)

Outlining degrowth concepts and their links to the Commons (Alekos Pantazis) 

Home economics: a few words about the forgotten knowledge of sufficiency (Kallia Spyridaki – Ploumi collaborative cafe)

When thinking does not reach farther than the speech (Giannis Papadopoulos & Nikos Apostolopoylos – Eleutherourgos) 

Natural building: regaining the lost knowledge (Manolis Ksimeris & George Ritsakis – Archanes Project)


Security in online communications (George Kiagiadakis – tolabaki hackerspace) 

Constructing a barel garden (Spithari)

A romance of many dimensions: an introductory workshop in 3D printing (Thanassis Deligiannis – GFOSS)

Mapping on OpenStreetMap (Nick Roussos – OpenStreetMap Foundation)

Participating in Wikipedia (Dimitris Koukoulakis)

Free your Android: Root and Custom ROMs (Costas Kalivas – tolabaki hackerspace) 

Installing Fedora operating system (Dimitris Glaros – Fedora)

Be a Webmaker (Nick Roussos – Mozilla)