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Multiple Events

World Tourism Day 2014 in Heraklion

25 Sep 2014

25.09 till 28.09

Heraklion / Ammoudara / Hersonissos,
Entrance Fee

Free entrance

World Tourism Day 2014 in Heraklion

Additional Info


ORGANIZERS:  The Region of Crete – Regional Unit of Heraklion and the Greek National Tourism Organization

CO-ORGANIZERS: Municipalities of Heraklion, Archanes – Asterousia, Viannos, Gortys, Malevizi, Minoa Pediadas, Festos and Hersonisos

Fairs and Presentations:

Reception of a cruise ship, 25 September, 09.00-10.30: 

Traditional Cretan treat by young people by THE PAN-CRETAN ASSOCIATION OF DANCE in their traditional local costumes to the guests of the cruise ship LUIs Olympia (at the Port of Heraklion passenger station)

Inauguration of the Fair: Thursday, 25 September, on Saint Catherine’s Square, at 18.30 

Days and hours of operation: 25,26, 27 and 28 of September, from 10.00 to 23.30

Local Products and Folklore Art Items

Eleftherias’ Square

Religious Tourism - Monastery and Church Items, from 16.00 – 21.00

Saint Catherine’s Square

Plants & Flowers Fair

25 Avgoustou Street

Presentation of Cretan Institutions

Eleftherias’ Square

Traditional Cretan Cuisine Lessons and Traditional Cretan Cuisine Buffet, from 11.30 to 14.00

Archaeological Museum Square

hosted in cooperation with the Hotels Union of Heraklion, the Pan-Cretan Association of Hotel Directors, the Chefs’ Club of Crete and the Institution on Tourism Education and Formation of Heraklion. 

Workshops presentation on Eleftherias’ Square  


Raki distillation cauldron

Presentation of Actions by Heraklion Port Authority S.A., 25-28/9, 18.00-20.00

An electrically driven two-wheeled vehicle of vertical steering position segway, which is used for information purposes, rendering of services, leaflet distribution and informative material to cruise ship passengers and tourists in general

A special 6-place vehicle equipped with a ramp and a special fastening position for wheel-chairs, used for the transportation of physically disabled people.

Moreover, other actions of Heraklion Port Authority S.A. that will take place during the 4-day events include:

Showcasing of the construction and historical features of the Shipyard at the Venetian Port, by Heraklion Port Authority S.A.

Olive – Tree Exhibit, for the promotion of the “Cretan diet model” (seaside avenue of Heraklion).

Mobile photography exhibition from the film "EL GRECO", based on the life of the significant Cretan painter, Domenicus Theotokopoulos. The movie was filmed on the terrestrial zone of the Port of Heraklion (photographic material by the photographer, Mr. Metzakis Manolis)

“Mitos tis Ariadnes (”Ariadne’s Thread”), an activity by Heraklion Port Authority S.A. for the services of cruise passengers and port users. The visitor of the city that will decide to walk from the passenger station to the city centre (Lions’ Square) is guided by a simple yellow line (Follow the Yellow Line). 

“Plants and Fine Herbs of Crete” Exhibition, as well as information about their use in the Cretan cuisine, confectionary and manufacture of Crete. The exhibit takes place on the surrounding open space of the Port of Heraklion passenger station (Action: See…Feel…Smell & Get to know the Cretan Nature). 

Workshop Presentation from the Association of Education and Culture “AETOGIANNIS”, at the kiosk of the Association, on Eleftherias’ Square 

Traditional cuisine and confectionary contests, 25- 28/9. Hours 17.00-21.00 & 23.00. For the contest terms, please visit www.Aetogiannis.gr

Loom weaving, workshop 25-28/09, from 19.00 to 21.00

Basket weaving workshop, 26-28/09, from 17.00 to 22.00

Traditional costumes and boots making workshop, 26-28/9 19.00-21.00

Experiential Folklore Dance Workshop, 26-28/09, from 20.00 to 22.00 

Experiential Traditional Cheese Making Workshop  28/9, from 18.00 to 22.00

Manufacturing Workshop of Traditional Musical Instruments, 25-28/09 

Manufacturing Workshop of Cretan Traditional Jewelry,  25-28/9

Handcrafted embroidery workshop, 25-28/9

Right after the Official Opening of the Fair and their performance, the musicians and dancers of the group “AETOGIANNIS” will wander around the kiosks of the fair, performing the traditional Cretan serenade, 25/09, at 22.00.

Exhibition, “CHRIST ON CRETE TODAY”, by the Professor Euthimios Varlamis, 25-26 September

St. Marcus Basilica, daily from 9:00 a.m. to 13:30 p.m. and from 18:00 p.m. to 21:00 p.m. Organized by: Experimental Workshop of Vergina. Exhibition curator: The exhibition will last until 30/9.

With the co-organization of the Region of Crete, the Holy Archbishopric of Crete and the Municipality of Heraklion

Photography exhibition “Landscapes and Daily Life on Crete”, by the Greek Photography Company of Crete, 25-28 September


25 Avgoustou Street

Dikeosinis Street

Eleftherias’ Square

Georgiades’ Park

Classic vehicles exhibition by the Classic Vehicles Club of Heraklion,  in co-operation with Vespa Club and the Region of Crete

25 Avgoustou Street, 10.00-23.30

28/9 Close Itinerary Race (Circuit) through the centre of Heraklion, for the vehicles that will participate. The race will be of the type “regularity”. Due to the fact that the race takes place in an urban area, velocities will be low.

European Heritage Days, 26-28 Σεπτεμβρίου, Loggia 

Title of events: "The Street had its own history," (the history of the 25 Avgoustou Street) . 

• 26-27 / 9 10:00 -13: 00:  Schools’ city tour  

• 27-28 / 9 10:00 - 19:00: Photography Exhibition

• 28/9 hours 18:00 to 21:00: Speeches

Organized by: the Contemporary & Modern Monuments Ephorate

Theatrical Performances at the open air theatre “Manos Chatzidakis”:  Starting Time of performances: 20.30

25/9:  EL GRECO NETWORK 2014, GETTING TO KNOW EL GRECO. Pupils’ Exercises for the 400 years from the painter’s death: «A JOURNEY IN ART WITH EL GRECO AS THE NAVIGATOR» (digital presentation/ narration / music performance).   10TH GENERAL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL OF HERAKLION. Competent Professors: Christianou Maria and Iordanidou Vassiliki – Duration of performance: 60΄

26/9: EL GRECO NETWORK 2014, GETTING TO KNOW EL GRECO. Pupils’ Exercises for the 400 years from the painter’s death: «ON THE OCCASION OF EL GRECO» (digital presentation/ narration / music performance).   GENERAL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL OF EPISKOPI.  Competent Professors: Zeaki Paraskevi & Katsa Christina – Duration of Performance: 45΄

27/9: “A TALE WITHOUT A NAME» by the author Iakovos Kampanellis. 7TH GENERAL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL OF HERAKLION. Competent Professors: Adaptation – Instruction: Eleni Giamalaki, Narration – Texts Adaptation: Manolis Oustamanolakis, Scenery and objects construction: Maria Grekou, 60’

28/9: “THE OBNOXIOUS CONSEQUENCES OF MARRIAGE” – Three single-act pieces by Anton Chekhov. 1ST  VOCATIONAL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL OF ARKALOCHORI – competent professors: Direction:  Bikaki Eleftheria  Competent of Scenery:  Pinirtzi Maria – Duration of Performance: 70΄


At the same time:


GNTO Information Office: Thursday and Friday, 9.00-  14.30

Archaeological Museum Square

Information Office of the Municipality of Heraklion: Thursday and Friday, 8.30 – 14.30

Lions’ Square

Free parking: 

25th – 27th tember: Heraklion Port Authorities parking lot,  Gate of the Port of Heraklion, Port Police 17.00-24.00 & Sunday 29/9 all day free parking     

Free entrance to all archaeological sites and museums of the State, within the Regional Unit of Heraklion, on the 27th and 28th of September. 

Musical Concerts and Performances in the city of Heraklion


St.Titus’ Square

19.15- 20.15: Concert with the Municipal Philharmonic Orchestra of Heraklion. Direction: Leonidas Tzortzakis

20.15- 21.00: Music and songs by the EFXINOS PONTIAN CLUB of Heraklion

21.00- 21.45: Music Band “Street Quintet”. With the participation of: Giorgos Kritsotakis (guitar, vocals), Anna Psychogiou (vocals), Giorgos Tzortzakis (bass), Christos Zioutis (violin) & Euthymis Fasoulakis (percussion) 

21.45- 22.30: Music Band “Mandoloop”: International songs with guitar and mandolin. Kontaxakis Michalis (mandolin), Voumvoulakis Antonis (guitar).

22.30-23.15: International répertoire with: Irida Tsigara (vocals), Voumvoulakis Antonis (guitar)

Eleftherias’ Square

18.30-19.15: Stefanakis Manolis (lyra, song), Papadakis Dimitris of Minas (lute), Linardakis Giorgos (percussion) & Giannoulakis Kostas (guitar, bagpipes)

19.15- 20.00: Petsakis Michalis (lute, song), Aggelogiannakis Giorgos (lyra), Kalemakis Fanouris (guitar) & Mavrakis Michalis (bass). Dances are performed by the Folklore Association “Lazaros & Manolis Chnaris”

20.00- 20.45:  Αntonis Martsakis and his group


21.00- 21.45: Music and Dance Performance by the Choir and the Dance Group of the Educational and Cultural Association “AETOGIANNIS”, accompanied by the music band “Mousiki Chrononaftes” (“Musical Time – Travelers”) 

21.45- 22.30: Giannis Bamboukakis and his group:  Giorgos Drakogiannakis (lyra), Aris Zacharioudakis (lute), Antonis Lazanakis (guitar)

22.30-23.15: Antonis Mazokopakis and his group

 Agia Ekaterini (Saint Catherine’s) Square

18.30- 19.00 Consecration Ceremony  

19.30 to 20.30: following the consecration ceremony, the Mixed Choir of Saint Minas Metropolitan Cathedral of Heraklion will perform Byzantine Church Hymns, under the direction of the chanter Mr. Ioannis Damarlakis. The hymns will be prefaced and presented by a member of the Choir.


St. Titus’ Square

19.45- 20.30: Performance by the Choir of Vori Cultural Association “Chorodia tou Notou” (“Choir of the South”)

20.30- 21.15:  Performance by the Choir “Ionia Aidon”, under the direction of Ms Lena Chatzigeorgiou

21.15- 22.00:  Music band “ALLI BANDA”: Nikos Manioudakis (lyra, vocals), Dimitris Zografakis (guitar, vocals), Giorgos Tzortzakis (bass), Euthymis Fasoulakis (percussion).

22.00-22.45: Music Band “Ichi Iridas”: Agathi Pantelidou (keyboard, vocals), Evaggelos Lyrakis (electric guitar, vocals), Νathan Lyrakis (electric guitar), Filaretos Anyfantakis (bass) and Gian Andrea P. Garancini (percussion)

Eleftherias’ Square

18.30-19.15:  Sfakianakis Giannis (lyra), Kapelakis Stelios (lute), & Saloustros Pantelis (guitar). Dances are performed by THE PAN-CRETAN ASSOCIATION OF DANCE INSTRUCTORS and by members from the folk dance schools of Mr. Fournarakis Minas, Ms Aggeliki Panagiotaki and Mr. Stelios Kafetzakis

19.15- 20.00: Giakoumakis Giorgos (lyra, song), Papadakis Dimitris (lute), Daskalakis Michalis (guitar), Tsakountakis Nikos (bass). Dances: the Folk Dance Association LYKEIO ELLINIDON

20.00- 20.45 :  Apostolis Fragiadakis’ & Giorgos Moscholakis’ Music Group

 20.45- 21.15: Concert with Vassilis Skoulas

21.15- 22.00: Giorgis Manolakis (lute, song), Giorgis Stavrakakis (lute), Giannis Papatzanis (percussion), Pavlos Spiropoulos (bass)

22.00- 22.45: Charis Fasoulas (mandoline, song), Antonis Kontokalos (lyra, song), Giorgos Mpampatsis (lute), Thomas Bolakis (guitar, lute), Dimitris Manoussakis (percussion, bagpipes).

22.45-23.30: Alexakis Vaggelis (lyra, song), Paragioudakis Grigoris (lute, song), Drimis Manolis (guitar), & Baltzakis Fragiskos (percussion, bagpipes), Charistakis Nikos (percussion).

Saint Catherine’s Square

18.00-19.15: "the Flower of Cretan Poetry". Poets: Giorgis Palamianakis (Gergeri Heraklion) and Anna Takaki (Sitia). Presentation: Giannis Kriarakis (Journalist)

19.30-20.30: Theatrical Performance:  “Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child”, by the Theatre Troupe of the Spiritual – Youth Centre of the Parish Isodia tis Theotokou in Nea Alatsata - Heraklion. Competent: Ms Maro Valaskatzi.

21.00- 21.45: Griniezakis Michalis (lyra, song), Epaminondas Erotokritakis (lute), Sotiris Aggelakis (guitar)


Kallergon Square

18.00:  “Contact Improvisation”.  Improvisation dance and theatrical acts by the dance group “Fysalida” (“Bubble”)

19.30-20.30: “HERA” Rhythmic Gymnastics Association (Heraklion Rhythm and Sports)- 

St. Titus’ Square

20.30- 21.15: “Me mia Agalia Tragoudia”- Concert of the Mixed Children’s – Young People’s Choir of the Regional Unit of Heraklion.  Director: Lena Chatzigeorgiou. Piano: Nikos Vlazakis

21.15- 22.00: Atsalakis Kostis (violin), Atsalakis Kleanthis (lyra), Giannis Gounakis (lute)

22.00- 22.45: Pan-Cretan Association of Immigrants from Constantinople and Asia Minor. Dance Group of the Education & Culture Association “AETOGIANNIS”

Eleftherias’ Square

19.15- 20.00: Flamourakis Nikos and Associates. Dances performed by the Folklore Association “EROTOKRITES”

20.00-20.45: Dances performed by the Young Generation Vrakofori Association. Dance Instructor: Papadakis Stelios

20.45- 21.30:  Charitakis Antonis (mandolin, song), Charitakis Manolis (lyra, song),  Spachis Giannis (lute), Skoulas Giorgis (lute), Tsikoudis Giorgos (percussion, bagpipes)

21.30-22.15: Manioros and his band

Ώρα 22.15 – 23.15: Vasilakis Stelios (lyra, song), Spiros Skouradakis (lute), Kostas Kypriotakis (lute, song) 

Saint Catherine’s Square

19.00-20.30: Youth Festival by the Holy Archbishopric of Crete:  it includes songs, music and dance from various parishes of the Archbishopric of Crete. Afterwards, there will be music performance by the Parishes’ Musicians. 


St. Titus’ Square

19.30- 20.15:  Vaggelis Samarakis and his “Music Company” 

20.15- 21.00: Music Band “NOSTIMON IMAR”. Art Director: Minos Somarakis

21.00- 21.45: Music and dance programme by the Cultural Association of Nea Alikarnassos “I ARTEMISIA”.

21.45- 22.30: Music Band “ALMA”

22.30- 23.15: Cultural Association of the Immigrants of Thrace. Dance and music group. 

Eleftherias’ Square

18.15-19.00: Mylonakis Nikos (lyra, song), Christakis Manthos (mandolin, song), Manolis Akasoglou (lute) & Georgakakis Markos (guitar). Dances are performed by Christina Papadakis’ Cretan Folklore Dance School

19.15- 20.00: Stefanos Cheretis (lyra, song), Vassilis Cheretis (lute), Nikos Tzouras (lute, song) and Sotiris Aggelakis (guitar)

20.00- 20.45: Grigoris Samolis (lyra, song), Vassilis Cheretis (lute), Giorgos Zervos (lute)

20.45-21.30: Dafermos Kostas (lyra, song), Themis Theotokakis (lute) and Tsiknakis Manolis (guitar)


21.30:  Concert with: Ross Daly, Vassilis Stavrakakis, Giorgos Manolakis, Kelly Thoma and Giannis Papatzanis. 

St. Catherine’s Square 

20.00: "The Night of Psiloritis":  The goal of the event is to transfer Cretan tradition as regards nutrition, clothing and entertainment. The night includes Achilles Dramountanis’ music group, the dance group of Mavrokostas’ Dance School, its dancers wearing traditional costumes. Moreover, at the open space where the performance takes place there is traditional Cretan food for sampling and products from all over Crete. During the event, the songs and dances to be performed are announced by the presenter both in Greek and in English. What is more, there will be a brief summary and historic report for each genre of dance or song.  At the end of the concert, the musicians and dancers take the lead and wander all around the city with their musical instruments, followed by their friends and audience, for an old-style traditional Cretan serenade, ending at Eleftherias’ square. 

Municipality of Hersonisos 

Friday  26/9  Fruit Festival  

An event that takes place at the Cretan open – air Museum for the Traditional Life of Crete «Lychnostatis»,  organized by the Women’s Association of Hersonisos “Vritomartys” and the Museum «Lychnostatis» to celebrate the World Days of Tourism 2014.  Our guests will experience Cretan nature and folklore culture of Crete. At the same time, they will have the opportunity to sample several Cretan fruits and obtain information about their nutritional value. The event includes: GRAPE- TREADING   the visitors participate in grape- treading  in the Museum wine – vats. The museum’s staff offers wine, raki and fruits from the Museum’s gardens.  RAKI DISTILLATION: ´raki´ is produced in a boiler in the open-air, in real time.   “MOUSTALEVRIA”:  Members of the Women’s Association of Hersonisos “Vritomartys” offer to the guests “moustalevria”, a dessert made exclusively of grape-must.  PRICKLE-PEAR CONTEST The museum’s staff demonstrates to the guests how to cut and peel prickle pears. Volunteers may take part in a skill and speed contest in peeling prickle-pears.  CAROB-PICKING The museum’s staff asks volunteers –mainly children- to participate in picking carobs and displays the various carob products to the guests.  


Temporary photography exhibition by Michalis Nikiforakis (UPI CR2, EFIAP), entitled «Lychnismata Fotos» (“Winnowing the Light”). The exhibition illustrates the wealth of the Museum collections and its unique atmosphere.


 Guided tour for the guests to experience the traditional way of life on Crete and their daily activities.  During the guided-tour around the Cretan open-air museum “Lychnostatis”, the guests visit two typical Cretan houses of the late 19th century - a farm-house and a middle-class house- a white-washed chapel, a restored windmill, a shepherd's-shelter, a threshing - floor, a wine-vat, an olive-oil factory, a bee’s and wax-house, workshops of weaving, plant-dyeing of wool and ceramics. They stroll through the winding alleys of a garden verdant with native fruit-trees [vineyards, fig-trees, prickly-pears, pomegranates, loquats, misspells, lemons, carobs etc], cactus and bright - coloured flowers, characteristic of the Mediterranean climate.  They smell the world famous aromatic herbs of Crete [20 kinds], and admire the various Cretan minerals and stones. After the guided-tour, an audio-visual slide-show about Crete entitled ‘Crete, the soul of an island is projected in the Museum’s Conference-Hall. Duration of film: 15’.  Guided Tour Duration: 120´ ADMISSION*  : Reduced entrance fee  8 € / pax ,  4 € / children 4-15 age  * (normal price: 12  € )

Municipality of Malevizi

24/9, from 18.00 to 00.00, on the central street of Ammoudara, between the 2 big parking lots of the municipality, at “Technopolis”:

Serenade by a group from the “Plucked and Bowed Stringed Instruments Ensemble of Crete”. At the end of the serenade, raki (the traditional Cretan distillate) will be offered to guests and there will be dance and music performances.  

Music Event featuring artists from the wider area of Malevizi Municipality. More specifically, there is participation of the following artists’ groups: Pantelis Kakoulakis, Zacharioudakis Giorgos, Tassos Rerakis, Drakogiannakis Giorgos,  Dafermos Kostas,  Rethemniotakis Michalis and Charis Fasoulas. Dances performed by the Group of Cultural Association of Gazi. Dance Instructor: Nikos Maris

There will be free transport of artists and guests by the tourist train from 17.00 to 21.00. 


Free sun-beds on all beaches of the Municipality. 

 27/9 Free Entrance

"Archaeological Collection of Malevizi”, 8.30-15.00 (Gazi) 

GIANNIS KLINAKIS Art Hall of Marathos, 9.00-15.00 (Marathos)

El Greco Museum, 9.00-19.00 (Fodele)

Traditional Musical Instruments Museum “Thyrathen”, 9.00-17.00 (Κroussonas)