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Multiple Events

TEDxHeraklion 2015: "beyond the city walls"

28 Feb 2015
Entrance Fee

€40 & €20

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TEDxHeraklion 2015: "beyond the city walls"

The second TEDx of Crete is here!

A year ago, hundreds of people attended the first TEDxHeraklion that took place at Cretaquarium-Seaworld, under the theme "Crossroads". We saw amazing presentations from inspirational people...speakers, artists, musicians, inventors, took us to another possible world!

2015 challenges us to confront boundaries; walls that block our visions, borders we need to trascend to further explore our possibilities. Using the Venetian walls of our city as symbol, TEDxHeraklion invites us to walk further. To wander ‘Beyond the walls’

The place

The new Culture & Conference Centre of Heraklion will officially open its doors to the public with TEDxHeraklion 2015. Within and opposite the Venetian walls of Heraklion, under the shadow of Nikos Kazantzakis, the organizers found the perfect venue to host this event. 


Saturday, February 28, 2015


Julian Stubbs


The first speaker of TEDx Heraklion // Beyond the Walls will "teach" us to love the place we live in and how to make it famous beyond its walls.

Julian Stubbs  is a renowned Destination Branding Strategist, coming from ice-cold Sweden, who specializes in place branding strategies and identities for cities and touristic destinations. What makes him stand out from other professionals is that he considers giving prominence to a destination primarily for its residents and then for its potential visitors. As an accomplished professional in destination branding, he has numerous collaborations with international clients: from the organisation of the concert for the Peace Nobel Prize, to the creation of the brand position and tag line "Stockholm, The Capital of Scandinavia".

Beverly Goodman


What happened after the tsunami that destroyed ancient Knossos?  

Dr. Beverly Goodman, a geo-archaeologist based in Israel and professor in the University of Haifa, is trying to illuminate stories that have been in the darkness for more than 2,000 years, related to the tsunamis, by examining clues from the environment, which, for most of us, are just integral part of the natural beauty of a landscape.

From the scene of TEDx Heraklion, Beverly Goodman will travel thousands of years in the past, before unraveling in front of us her magical world, where, through the deposits of land, we can discover many things about history, and the current configuration of the environment.

Yiorgos Gkintikas


Language is not just what we hear and speak. It is anything that brings us in contact, transfers meaning, feelings, worlds… Yiorgos Gkintikas will break the Walls of language with his talk at TEDx Heraklion.

Teacher of the Greek Sign Language and a graduate of the only university worldwide for the education of the deaf and hard of hearing, Gallaudet University in Washington D.C., Yiorgos Gkintikas will introduce us to the linguistic tradition of sign language, which evolves similarly to the one of the hearing. Being deaf himself, he advocates for the rights of deaf people and the spread of the sign language though talks, lectures and other actions. He is a member of the General Council of the Hellenic Federation of the Deaf, and has served as a president of the Society of the Deaf in Thessaloniki. Moreover, he was a member of the Greek National Basketball team of the Deaf, in the Deaflympics of 1993 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

This year, at TEDx Heraklion, we will have the honour to host the first talk in sign language for a greek TEDx event, while also conducting the first organization that will be fully translated in real time into sing language.

Effie Paroutsa


Images, eyes, landscapes, more and more kilometres, lives. 

Effie Paroutsa is best known for her inspiring travel photography. She brings a sense of life to everyday scenes by capturing the authenticity of people in their surroundings. Through her eye is distinguished a remarkable understanding of the different lifestyles she encounters. She has been working as a freelance photographer for the last ten years in New York and Athens, bringing her experiences to travel and style aficionados around the world. She is currently developing several projects focusing on the Greek culture and local traditions, soon to be integrated into a book.

After travelling to numerous destinations such as Vietnam, Peru, Scotland, Jamaica or Paris, and having met many different cultures and civilizations, Effie Paroutsa returns to her birthplace, Greece, and takes the stage of TEDx Heraklion to address the significance of lost simplicity in life. Her talk in TEDx Heraklion 2015 will literally carry us "Beyond the Walls"…

Michalis Kontaxakis Trio & Marina Dakanali

kontaxakis smaall

The mandolin...an instrument that is not often encountered in the greek music scene and discography, will carry us away through original compositions by Michalis Kontaxakis. “Michalis Kontaxakis Trio & Marina Dakanali” are inspired by this year’s theme to create and also present covers of traditional music, with fantasy and influences “beyond Crete” as their main ingredients.

Yiouli Doxanaki


The field of agriculture has been considered for years a taboo for the young, as it had been intertwined with several myths regarding traditional cultivation recipes.

Yiouli Doxanaki is the co-founder of xorafaki.gr, and has years of experience in business consulting and especially to the entrepreneurs of the land. She managed to break the ideological Walls existing, and create a new original online platform that combines recent scientific developments, along with entrepreneurial activity.

On the stage of TEDx Heraklion, she will remind us that every seed can grow, as long as it finds the appropriate land to develop itself.

Elpis Chrysovergis & Dora Bitsi

elpis dora

12 countries, 6 months, 15.000 kilometers, 5 charity projects, with 2 backpacks and 1 tent.

Elpis Chrysovergis and Dora Bitsi, crossed Africa from Cape Town to Cairo, using only public means of transportation. They raised money for philanthropic use, while they shared their experiences through their travel blog, Dream.Travel.Live, and captured them in their documentary, called AfriQuest.

They will share with us their love for travels and volunteerism, as well as their dream to change the world.

LATHOS Project


How do mistakes become the motive for unconventional creation beyond Walls?

The creative approach of LATHOS* team is based on their ability to make mistakes and - as every self-respected artist - to often repeat them.

LATHOS team have been engages in the latest years with the creation of a bioclimatic, open-source residence / artistic center, in Archanes, Heraklion. The shape of the building is gradually being formed through dialogue, collaborations and artistic (or not) experiments.

From the stage of TEDxHeraklion // Beyond the Walls, they will inspire us to reconsider how, through open thinking, collaborations, and the "acceptance" of mistakes, we become creators of our life and the environment in which we truly want to live in.

Maria Papadopouli


We live in an age where we are, and have the constant need to be, always online.

Internationally acclaimed Maria Papadopouli, carries a long research and academic experience in fields like mobile computer systems, wireless networks and wireless access markets. She is an Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department (CSD) of the University Of Crete and a researcher in the Institute of Computer Science, at FO.R.T.H., while she has received awards by companies such as IBM and Google.

On 28/02, we will discover with her upcoming technological capabilities of the near future, relating to the network that surrounds us.

Eleni Garyfalaki


Our intelligence is not unilateral. We perceive the world through sounds, words, colors, numbers, and our bodies. How much though do we actually know about the synthetic ability of our thinking?

Eleni Garyfalaki is the founder of Kalos Agogos in Heraklion Crete, a specially designed center of Multiple Intelligence, which hosts activities for children, teenagers, and adults.

From the stage of TEDx Heraklion she will introduce to us a unique educational technique, the #SPIN method.

Michalis Mathioudakis


Is your house untidy? Do you wake up lacking passion for life? Do you suffer from insomnia or do you fear you will never find your other half?

Michalis Mathioudakis and his Absolute Machine, are coming to TEDx Heraklion to solve all of your problems!

Actor and stand-up comedian, he is a founding member of the theatrical team "Askisi", and since 2006 he has collaborated with the teams blitz and Pequod. Plays he has created are the stand-up comedies "The Heart Of Man", "Bad Faith", and the lecture performance "The Absolute Machine".

On 28/02, he will explain how the Absolute Machine constitutes a solution for each of our misfortunes.

Michalis Skoulas


Addictions create Walls. Walls, which in order to be overcome, require effort, persistence, but above all support and help.

Michalis Skoulas is a Sociologist and a Drug Addiction Consultant, with 25 years of professional experience in the area of prevention and rehabilitation. He is the Head of KETHEA ARIADNI, which covers the Region of Crete and the Dodecanese, as well as the Editor in Chief of the magazine Spera.

Right across the Walls that addictions build, he will explain to us all the necessary actions for their collapse, and for the beginning of a new life Beyond them. 

Michael Goldberg and Alexis Komselis



That is what Michael Goldberg and Alexis Komselis will venture to do, specialists in entrepreneurship topics, who collaborated to create the massive online open cource (MOOC), "Beyond Silicon Valley", in 2014. The course focused on the development of entrepreneurship in developing economices, and attracted 41,000 students from 190 countries. 

On the stage of TEDxHeraklion they will debate how in a time of crisis, there are both entrepreneurial opportunities and room for dreams.



Going beyond the Walls of classical music with the electrical sound.

Having studied the violin, at the age of 19 Tasman joins the ERT National Symphony Orchestra, while he experiments with the electrical violin and becomes a member of Closer, participating in numerous concerts. Through his solo career, he composes music for movies, dance theater shows, and collaborates with various greek and foreign artists.

On 28.02, we will live a new musical experience, with his classical violins aligning perfectly with break beats and distorted loops.

Dr. Charis Theodorakopoulos


Can our museums increase our economy's competitiveness?

Dr. Charis Theodorakopoulos specializes in the field of conservation of heritage objects, and he is an Assistant Professor of Scientific Maintenance at Northumbia University in the United Kingdom.

From the stage of TEDx Heraklion // Beyond the Walls, he will explain how, by properly managing our cultural treasures, we can leverage them into useful tools for the future of a country.

Κonstantinos Laskaris


Were you aware that the Head of Research and Design of electrical motors at TESLA Motors in Silicon Valley CA, is Greek?

Κonstantinos Laskaris, is a graduate of National Technological University of Athens and the Imperial College of London. Having filled educational positions, since 2012 he is researching new technologies for the electric cars of the future.

Going beyond the Walls of conventional transportation, Konstsantinos Laskaris will introduce to us the future of sustainable cars.

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