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ResidenceSEA presents Mathew Halpin: "Tsipras as Kolokotronis"

07 Mar 2015
ResidenSea (Kilkis street, behind the Pancretan stadium)),
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Free entrance

20.00 let Google Maps guide you to event venue

ResidenceSEA presents Mathew Halpin: "Tsipras as Kolokotronis"

Additional Info

On Saturday, 7th of March 2015, at 20:00, ResidenceSEA will open the season with an presentation and talk by the artist Mathew Halpin. He will show and talk about a selection of his paintings and premier his latest painting "Tsipras as Kolokotronis". ResidenceSEA is an artist residence behind the Pankritio stadium, at the end of Kilkis road. 

Mathew Halpin is an Australian visual artist and theater set designer, who lives and works in Heraklion. Two months ago, two of his paintings were featured on the cover of ATHENS VOICE: “Suicide Matroshka” and “Tsipras as Kolokotronis”. His solo exhibition, called "Painted Journey" is now at Grecotel Palace in Athens. Mathew's paintings are often satire and reflections of our society and human relations. He mostly uses retro and kitsch images, thereby contrasting the underlying serious messages. In this presentation, for the first time, he will show his painting titled "Tsipras as Kolokotronis", which was featured on the cover of ATHENS VOICE just after the elections in January 2015. Mathew says about the painting: "Kolokotronis was a general and a leader of the independence war. Alexis Tsipras represents a new kind of hero. One we hope will fight for our independence from countries who want to rule us with debit." 

The evening will continue with a mix of DJ's playing experimental electronic and minimal techno. 

ResidenceSEA - Sensing your Environment through Art - is a residence space in Heraklion for performer, researchers and multimedia artists to work and play. ResidenceSEA aims to bring international artists to Crete, giving them a space to experiment and to interact with the local artists and creatives. Since 2012 ResidenceSEA has hosted 15 groups of international artists, working on interdisciplinary performances and installations. ResidenceSEA is located at the seaside behind the Pankritio stadium. For more information go to http://maakali.org/ResidenceSEA