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El Ka - Artists' speech (France / Belgium)

27 Mar 2015
Monis Agkarathou 9 & Kosma Zotou,

El Ka - Artists' speech (France / Belgium)

Additional Info

El Ka (France/Belgium) are currently doing their ArtAmari Residency, after being selected through an open call. They are an artistic duet of nomads who create photography, video and installations. They are currently working on a project called Flying Sculptures. These ephemeral “sculptures” are constructed by objects they find on their excursions. Rubbish to be more exact, that are turned into sculptural objects of visual interest only during the fleeting moment of the photographic exposure. In this way, they are “mapping” different parts of the planet by commenting on consumerism through a photographic project that is equally conceptually interesting and visually pleasing.

The talk will take place in collaboration with HANIaRT inaugurating a series of talks.