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Dance Days 5 - International Dance Festival

20 Jul 2015

20.07 till 27.07

Different locations,

Dance Days 5 - International Dance Festival

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    For more information please contact:

    • the art director od Dance Days Sofia Falierou, tel.: + 30 6945 793 984
    • the communications assistant of DanceDays Chrisa Georgiou, tel.: +30 697 2802927

    E-mail: sofiafalierousynkinisi@gmail.com




Dance Days Festival will be held this year in Chania from 20 to 27 July 2015. Dance Days was first organized in 2011 and is gradually becoming a European dance festival with international character and prospects. Well-known dancers and choreographers from Greece and abroad (France, Cyprus, Germany, Austria, Israel, Spain, etc.) participate in this unique dance festival, taking place in the beautiful city of Chania, Crete.

The festival is organized by the Association of Contemporary Dance "Co-Movement ", the culture department of the Municipality of Chania, with the assistance of Venizeleio Conservatory of Chania and the support of the Greek Choreographers Association.
This year's festival will host 53 contemporary dance performances, the Athens Video Dance Project, 19 seminars, 18 workshops given by choreographers from Greece and abroad, 8 dance video projects and 6 lectures. Both the people of the Chania and visitors become part of the festival and embrace it as one of the most important of its kind in the country.

The performances, events and actions of the Dance Days will take place at the Venizelio Conservatory of Chania, the Municipal Art Gallery, the Theatre of eastern trench of the city walls and in other cultural venues of Chania.

Dance Days relies almost exclusively on the work of volunteers who support the festival and the role of art as antipode of the economic crisis and the crisis of values. Dance Days is a project that concerns us all. Join us on 20-27 July, together with dancers, choreographers, people who love dance and art, to the great feast of DanceDays.


Performances Program:

Monday 20/07
- "Ki omos kineitai" (Music: D. Apostolakis-Hainan, Psarantonis), project: Erotokritos

Tuesday 21/07

- Álvaro teban Lopez (from Spain), project: Antipodas
- Dante Murillo (from Austria), project: Rockers
- Catarzi Claudia (from Italy), project: Qui, ora

Wednesday 22/07

- Dance group 'Iros Aggelos', project: Antinoos
- Catalina Carrasco & Gaspar Morey (from Spain), project: Travelling to nowhere

Thursday 23/07

- Fingersix, project: Autogoal
- Saltator Physical Dance Group, project: Nature

Friday 24/07

- Sofia Pintzou (from Germany), project: For Example, A Productive Day, Solo II
- Margaux - Marielle Trehouart & ELIK Niv (from Germany), project: Named After

Saturday 25/07

- Contemporary Dance Group Co-Motion, project: On My Ways ...
- Dance Akropoditi, project: Sebastian

Sunday 26/07

- Movement Lab // Matan Levkowich & Claire Lefevre (from Austria), project: Function Man
- Dance Lydia Stone, project: The Dream of my Dream

Monday 27/07

- Editta Braun Company (from Austria), project: Paula


Seminars *:

20-24 / 07 | 09:00-12:00

-Creation Co. - learning and in Making A Spirit of Serious Fun,
Jeanne Yasko (Artistic Director of EDge, The Postgraduate Performance Company of London Contemporary Dance School AT The Place). After end of the seminar a performance will follow with free entrance to the public.

20-22/07 | 17:00-19:30

Martha Graham Technique, Olia Tornaritis (teaches the technique of Martha Grahamstin State School of Dance)

20/07 | 13:00-16:00

The Listening Body, Álvaro Esteban Lopez (Dancer team member: Compañía Daniel Abreu-Madrid)

21-22 / 07 | 13:00-15:00

Contemporary dance with acrobatic elements, Christina Sougioultzi (Dancer-choreographer, co-founder of the group: and yet moving)

23-25/07 | 17:00-19:00

Improvisation and Composition - The Playful Body, Dante Murillo (dancer-choreographer in Vienna-Austria)

23/07 | 13:00-16:00

Contemporary Dance and Movement CONSCIOUS, Catalina Carrasco (Dancer-choreographer-performer, artistic director of dance festivals: Palma amb la Dansa-Spain)

24-25 / 07 | 13:00-15:30

Physical and mental endurance in a motor act, John Karounis (Dancer-choreographer-performer, teacher of dance, filmmaker, founding member of the Athens Video Dance Project, Dancetheater.gr, workinProgress Dance)

25-26 / 07 | 09:00-12:00

Objects and Scene - partnering, Margaux Marielle - Trehouart and ELIK Niv (dance for the group: Sasha Waltz and Guests-Germany)

26/07 | 17:00-20:00

Contemporary Technique "Physical experimentation", Iris Heitzinger (Dancer-choreographer-performer, teaches dance, moves and works in Barcelona and Salzburg)

From 26 to 27/07 | 13:00-16:00

Play for Dance Days 5 Chania, Sophia Mavragani (Choreographer, teaches choreography / composition and improvisation, proposing new educational and artistic models such as the "Out of order", the research programs playfor4 and play for PLACE, in Greece and abroad)

26-27 / 07 | 09: 00- 12:00

Animal Instinct, Matan Levkowich (Dancer, Choreographer, awarded at the festival "Hazira" for his work in the project "New dance" in 2010)


* For participations, information, prices, please contact Diana Kefalas, tel .: +30 6947 260 860, email: ntiana-kef@hotmail.com
Applications until June 30th 2015.


Video Dance Screenings:

- Athens Video Dance Project 2015

- "Prêt A Porter", L.reducta Dance project

- "The Pelican Dance", Lydia Lithos Dance Theatre

Parallel actions: More performances, lectures, video screenings etc. will be soon announced.

The venues for performances, seminars and parallel activities will be announced in the final program of Dance Days 5.

DanceDays 5- Dance with us!