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Mediterranean Festival of Sitia 2015

03 Jul 2015

03.07 till 05.07


Mediterranean Festival of Sitia 2015

The heart of the Mediterranean music beats in Sitia!

Τhe 3rd Mediterranean Radio Festival of Sitia promises colorful days full of music, handmade creations, local products and cultural activities!


Friday, July 3

"The (The) Music (s) of Fire": drums, percussions and torches... that sing!

Chris Danakos: thracian music 

Encardia: songs from Southern Italy (Calabria)


Saturday, July 4

Lamia Bedioui and Desert Fish: songs and improvisations on the music of the Mediterranean countries

Orchestra Smyrna: tunes and songs from Asia Minor, Cappadocia, Istanbul, Thrace, Macedonia and elsewhere


Sunday, July 5

"Tampachaniotika songs", the Cretan version of "rebetika", by Agathon Iakovidis, Manolis Porfyrakis, Costas Avvysinos, and Lambi Xylouris on stage.