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Outdoor activity

The walk to the summit of Psiloritis 2015

16 Aug 2015
Lakos Mygerou (Psiloritis),
5:00 (in the morning!) let Google Maps guide you to event venue

The walk to the summit of Psiloritis 2015

The Cultural Association of Livadia organizes for the 'The Walk to the Summit of Psiloritis'  on Sunday August 16, with the support of the Municipality of Mylopotamos and Region of Crete. A climbing event that has become synonymous to Cretan tradition, culture, hospitality and morals. A celebration of Cretan culture and its emblem, the majestic Psiloritis mountain.

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Participants will be transferred to the village of Livadia from the city of Rethymno (marina - portside) at 4:00 in the morning.

Equipment: a small backpack, water, dry food (optionally), flashlight, hiking boots and a jacket.

The Asssociation is responsible to the transportation of participants from Rethymno to Psiloritis and back. However, when it comes to the climbing and cultural events each participants is responsible for him/herself, and the Assocation bears no responsibility.

Registrations until August 11, 2015 tel: +30 6948 892818 (Morning 10-12, Afternoon 19.00 - 20.00). 

Cost (transporation from Rethymno to Psiloritis and back): 10 euro.