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"TOKSO" Ensemble at Charoupomylos

27 Feb 2016
Charoupomylos (Panormo village),
19.30 let Google Maps guide you to event venue

"TOKSO" Ensemble at Charoupomylos

A unique concert of "TOKSO" Ensemble at Charoupomylos (Panormo, Rethymnon), on Saturday February 27th, at 19.30.

TOKSO means bow in Greek.

TOKSO is an ensemble first presented in Norway in the Summer of 2008. It consists of four musicians and composers, Anne Hytta from Norway, Eleonore Billy from France, Kelly Thoma from Greece and Leonor Palazzo from Belgium, living in Sweden. Up to 2014 Norwegian Sigrun Eng was playing the cello in Tokso, and she plays on both CD releases. 

The repertoire consists exclusively of their own compositions performed with virtuosity and musicality, accenting the freshness of new creation and the freedom of innovation. They make extended use of improvisation as well as of various techniques inspired by the traditions from which they come from, as well as utilizing techniques of their own invention.

The Norwegian hardanger fiddle, the cello, the Swedish nyckelharpa and the Cretan lyra are all four played with a bow, but traditionally, they neither share a common repertoire nor are they ever used together in the same orchestra. However, in TOKSO , thanks to the personalities of the musicians involved, with their open attitude to new ideas, the instruments bind together in an astonishingly harmonious way in a group sound of remarkable coherence which immediately impresses the listener with its maturity and depth.


Kelly Thoma– lyra

Anna Hytta– hardanger fiddle

Eleonore Billy– nyckelharpa

Leonor Palazzo– cello