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Solidarity concert with Ross Daly

19 Mar 2016
Peza, Town Hall,
Entrance Fee

Free entrance

19.00 let Google Maps guide you to event venue

Solidarity concert with Ross Daly

The Municipality of Archanes-Asterousia organizes a solidarity concert to collect essential products for refugees. Ross Daly and his "argonauts" (Kelly Thoma, Giorgis Manolakis Maritzia Katsouna, Yiorgos Papaioannou, Eleanna Papanikolopoulou, Yiannis Dermitzakis, Michalis Kontaxakis and Antonis Voumvoulakis) will take us on a music odyssey with a humanitarian mission.

The concert will take place on Saturday March 19th at 19.00 in the Town Hall of Peza.

The following items will be collected during the concert (indicatively):

Food products such as: Evaporated milk - Dry food - Milk powder - Croissants - Tea - Raisins - Biscuits - Macaroni - Baby / infant foods in jars - Juices - Bottled water etc.

Clothing and essentials, such as: Raincoats and jackets for children and adults - sleeping bags and backpacks -Towels and linen - Blankets - Clothes for men and women - Shoes for men and women in good condition- Kids clothes and shoes etc.

Medicine of any kind that can be transported without refrigeration (eg. antibiotics for children and adults, painkillers, anti-inflammatory pills, pills for stomach problems, ointments for adults and infants, antiseptics etc.)

Please make sure that the above items, for obvious reasons, are in good condition, clean and packed in small containers, with visible indication of the items contained in each package.