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UNDERTOW / AGORA festival in Chania

03 Aug 2016
Municipal Market (Agora),

UNDERTOW / AGORA festival in Chania

For over a century the central market of Chania has been more than just a commercial center; it has been a center of culture and creation. The marketplace, or the agora, is living organism that evolves through time, adapting to the conditions of contemporary society, always maintaining its dominant position as a point of reference and connection in the city.

In this frame, Undertow Festival is introduced for the first time this summer in Chania, having the Municipal Market of Chania as its creative axis, inviting alternative musicians and performers to present their work in the most central city hotspot.

These artists, coming from Chania and elsewhere, are inspired by the sounds, images, architecture, history or anything else directly or indirectly connected to the market and perform for the public on Wednesday August 3 in the spaces of the market in a series of parallel actions, live music and performances.

Participants: Venus Volcanism & In Atlas, Stelios Manousakis, Michalis Paraskakis, Dimitris Sideris, Yiorgos Skretis, omni4m, Yiorgos Christakis, Aliki Chiotaki, Christina Foitou, Evdoxia Stafularaki, Maria Mendez, Elia Verganelaki, Io Asithianaki, Maria Malaxianaki.

Wednesday August 3 at 21:00 in the central market of Chania. 

With the support of the Municipality of Chania and the Union of Commercial Shop Owners of the Municipal Market.