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RETHink Art Digital Festival

09 Sep 2016

09.09 till 12.09

House of Culture & Conservatory,
Entrance Fee

General entrance: €10

Reduced: €7     

RETHink Art Digital Festival

RETHink Art Digital Festival is the first digital art festival realized in Crete, taking place in Rethymno, in Fall 2016.

RETHink Art Digital Festival provides the opportunity for artists from all over the world to showcase their work in the most well known cultural multi-purpose venue of Rethymno, right in the centre of the Old Town, offering the public the chance to come to actual contact with different depictions of modern digital art.

Its aim is to establish Rethymno city as a meeting point of creators and spectators by displaying artwork which covers a wide spectrum of digital creations of varied artistic domains.

Act&Art Productions is organising this festival in Rethymno (the city in which it is active), a city with extremely rich cultural activity as well as growing tourist inflow (with traces of 2,500-year-old culture and the most well-preserved Renaissance city in Greece).

Venue: House of Culture & Conservatory


House of Culture: September 9, 10, 11 & 12. Opening hours: 19:00-24:00

o Video art & animation screenings

o Exhibition of digital photography, photography & illustrations

o Original digital applications & games

o Audiovisual installations

o Interactive works

o Live performances

Boris Vitazek  (Slovakia), digital installations Darkroom (interactive) and Black. 

Conservatory (Pantelis Prevelakis room)

o Kenta Nakagawa (Japan), Inner mind architecture /Digital architecture installation

FRIDAY 9/9   Time:  19:30 και 22:00

SATURDAY 10/9   Time:   22:00

SUNDAY 11/9    Time: 19:00

MONDAY 12/9    Time: 19:00

Anoush Moazzeni (Canada) piano concert with real-time digital processing

FRIDAY 9/9  Time: 20:30

SATURDAY 10/9  Time:  20:30 

Charis Matzaridis (Greece) Presentation of digital prints (3D printing) of  a 1667 Stradivari violin, emerged from the scanning of the authentic in a 3D printer

SATURDAY 10/9  Time: 19:30 


During the festival, visitors are able to personalize their tour in the two exhibition venues through a 2 days pass.

In the frame of RETHink Art Digital Festival - and in coperation with the company Idea 3D - a 3D printing workshop will be offered on Sunday 12:00-14:00. Participation fee: €5 

Art direction: Kalli Karadaki

Production:  Act&Art Productions

RETHink Art Digital Festival is supported by the Municipality of Rethymno and the Network of Fine Arts of Rethymno.

Equipment sponsor: LENOVO  

Communication sponsor: KritiTv