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Ross Daly, Kelly Thoma, Yiorgis Manolakis, Yiannis Papatzanis @ the Agricultural Museum of Piskopiano

01 Oct 2016
Agricultural Museum Menelaus Parlamas (Piskopiano, Hersonissos),
21:00 let Google Maps guide you to event venue

Ross Daly, Kelly Thoma, Yiorgis Manolakis, Yiannis Papatzanis @ the Agricultural Museum of Piskopiano

The Agricultural Museum "Menelaus Parlamas" and the Collection of Weaving Art "Theano Metaxas-Kanakaki" of the Society of Cretan Historical Studies actively participates for the third consecutive year in the celebration of the World Tourism Day * (late September-early October 2016) organized by the Municipality of Hersonissos.

On Saturday October 1st the Agricultural Museum, situated at the traditional village of Piskopiano (3km south of Hersonissos), will be open from 10.00 until 23.00. Visitors will be able to enjoy day and night tours in the museum collections with a reduced ticket (3€) and free admission for children up to 12 years. The museum is accessible to people with mobility problems and has a small shop with Greek and foreign publications.

At 21:00, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy an intercultural musical evening by Ross Daly and his company at the Museum Square.

Ross Daly together with his collaborators, Kelly Thoma (lyra), Yiorgis Manolakis (lute, vocals) and Yiannis Papatzanis (percussion, vocals) will present new and old original compositions, influenced by the Cretan music tradition as well as from the musical traditions of the East and the Blakans. The concert will be open and free to the public.

At the Museum veranda there will be drinks by Klery Studios and small treats from Mrs. Theano Metaxa-Kanakaki.


*World Tourism Day is celebrated every year on September 27. The date was set by the International Tourism Organization in 1970. The main goal of the celebration is to promote cultural heritage and exchange through tourism.