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"Travelling… England" - Art and Literature Festival

12 Jul 2017

12.07 till 17.07

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"Travelling… England" - Art and Literature Festival

A journey that started last year with a pilgrimage visit to Spain, continues this year by crossing the english channel to get to England. To England by Nikos Kazantzakis. The pen of the great writer leads us to the big island at the dawn of the Second World War. And we, travelers through the pages that the creator of Odyssey embroidered with unmatched mastery, are looking for the past of the great country to join it with the present, so that we remain faithful to Nikos Kazantzakis who was writing to express his great love in timelessness. The space, the time, and the thoughts of Nikos Kazantzakis about England become theater, music, visual arts, game and we are all invited to search for the Kazantzakis’ view of England,  with the help of contemporary creators who will start from various places to come together and join us in Myrtia. A view of England that starts from the dawn of its history, passes through the era of the industrial revolution and the preparation of the technological explosion, and is prophetically led to today.

The series of festivals that the Kazantzakis Museum ambitiously launched last year dedicated to his travel books, aims at a mental tour of the history and the culture of the countries visited by our great traveler. At the same time, it aims at helping the readers get acquainted with his works under the general subject "Traveling ..." that essentially established travel literature in Greece.

This year we have the great pleasure of the fraternization of the Nikos Kazantzakis Museum with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. It is a happy occasion that the fraternization coincides with our mental wandering in the country of the great English dramatist whose "creatures" were conceived by the great Cretan writer as of his own. The spiritual trust of the two "free" men, invites us to join them in their long wandering which is guided by their own dreams.

And the journey continues...



2017, this second year of the cultural event, is dedicated to England and is referring to Kazantzakis’ relative book.

A 5-day cultural festival full of musical collaborations and meetings, lectures, discussions, workshops, events, concerts, interactive happenings and lots of other events that will travel us back in space and time. 

The festival aims to bring together artists from different fields (musicians, dancers, actors, artists), thinkers etc., and to contribute to the interaction between them and the local community, as well as the public in general. It also aspires to enable young artists and creators to express and share their creativity and talents by exploiting the human potential which is the most important value that we can rely on for the endogenous development of an area, especially a rural areas such as Myrtia, where the Museum is located. The festival also aims to enrich our knowledge on England through the eyes of the famous Cretan writer.